How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!)

How to get 6 pack abs. While every 6 pack abs website tries to sell a secret workout, the real secret is not an abs workout routine. Here is the real truth.

You don’t have to pay lots of money to buy workout videos. You don’t even need a gym membership. There are two things you need to do:

  1. Reduce the belly fat which covers and hides your abs
  2. Build up your abs so they become prominent and well defined

Some say your diet produces 90% of your results. Lay off the sugar and junk food. Do both cardio and abs exercises.

It will be a miracle when you body fat drops and you can finally see your 6 pack abs.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!)

Hey guys. So from the title of this video, i hope you only get straight to the point. You want to see if it’s click-bate or not.

Having said that, I’m gonna reveal a secret to build an ABS. And you want to know, “What is the secret?”

I’m gonna tell you straight in the beginning. So I’m going to show you. I’m gonna write it down.

A secret. You see it? Yes, there can you see it?

I’ll make it darker. One second. You see it now? You can’t see it?

Let me just keep doing it. I’m gonna keep doing it and see if it works. Hold on.

Still nothing.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!)

The reason why you can’t see it, this is ab exercises. Ab exercises on someone whose body fat is too high. The secret to building your abs first, is getting your body fat down. So basic, but no one ever tells you.

What people tell you is you need to do this six-pack exercise, this expect exercise, but no one ever tells you that you need to bring your body fat down. So if you don’t bring your body fat down you’re never gonna see your abs. That’s why you can’t see it. Your body, as a man needs to be between 10 to 14% at least. So at least 14% before you see your abs. Because body fat isn’t within that that range or lower, you’re not going to see abs. And that is that’s just how it is, you know.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!) Drop the Fat

So I’m sure you’ve seen guys in your gym training their abs for years, three years, and they’ve never seen them. And they wondering why, you know, and it’s not the routine they’re doing because they probably have some awesome ABS underneath the fat that they’re caught they’re carrying.

So I’m gonna show you some facts about ABS. This is a badly drawn drawing of the rectus abdominis, that is, the six-pack. For the in layman’s terms. So we have the 6 here. This is the six that were used to seeing. Some people don’t even have six. Some people have four. Some people have five. And you’re thinking five, how can they have a five pack? It just means that, you know, one of the packs isn’t as prominent, you know.

Some people have eight. And some people can even have ten, which is why I’ve drawn these shaded, you know. Because some people do have ten, but genetically you’re only gonna have a certain amount that show. You can’t change that. So if you’ve got a six pack that shows, you can’t do any sort of workout that’s gonna, that’s going to build the last few and make them more prominent. So that you suddenly have a ten pack or you suddenly have an eight pack, you know.

So anyone that built up their abs, if you see them when they started, they had six, you know. And then they built up those six they made them more pronounced by working them out. So that’s something that you need to consider. So don’t ever look at an influencer or someone in the fitness industry look an eight pack, and let them tell you, or even get it into your head, that you can achieve that same look. You’re gonna have to work with what you’ve got.

Another thing is for some people, obliques are very prominent as well, you know. Me, personally, when I’m lean you can see to see my obliques clearly. Some guys you can’t, but you can see the six-pack clearly. That is because the subcutaneous fat that is on top of the obliques, it is it’s more on some people than others. That’s simply what it is.

On women, you hardly ever see obliques. And that’s because for a woman to be more lean, for a woman to show her abs, she needs to be between 16 to 20 percent body fat or less. And even then, there the fat deposits on their obliques is still high. So that’s why you rarely see the women, even which they have a 6-pack, you rarely see their obliques because the fat deposits there is high on women.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!) Cardio Exercises

These are some things that you should really consider when you’re aiming to get six-pack, you know. And I’m going to take you through a full routine. And I’m still gonna show you how to build your six-pack. But I wanted to first let you guys know that you need to do cardio and get your diet right. What type of cardio? Try this out.

So all those exercises you saw, exercises you will find in my fat burn extreme training program.

But essentially, it’s just cardio. it’s cardio in any way you can get it, you know. I always say that, you know, find something you enjoy, you know. So cardio for me, I do as much as I enjoy in high intensity I also enjoy the slow pace, you know. I sometimes put a YouTube video on I get on the treadmill and I walk for half an hour on an incline. That’s cardio. Me doing burpees, that’s cardio. Using the ropes, that’s cardiac. So find cardio in any way you can get it, and bring that body fat down.

Now you can still build your abs while doing that. The only reason that I just really wanted to press on the cardio is if you’re not doing the cardio, and you’re not cleaning up your diet, you’re not gonna see the ABS. You can’t, like, you can do all the other exercise in the world (I’m gonna show you some), but unless you get the cardio in there and bring your body fat down you’re not gonna see your abs.

So that’s why I really wanted to press that home

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!) Ab Exercises

Now, let’s go hit the abs.

OK, guys. I just took you though 5 ab exercises you can do. Hopefully they’re exercises you haven’t tried before. What I was trying to show you today was not specifically special exercises for abs that’s gets you a six-pack, because there isn’t one. There isn’t a special exercise or a special selection of exercises that’s going to magically get you a six-pack.

Hopefully from this video, what I said at the beginning, you’ll learn that in order for you to see a six-pack, if you have high body fat, you’re going to have to get the body fat down. So you’re gonna have to get Cardinal and get the diet back to bring your body back down to, like I said, at least 14%, or no more, to permit you to see you abs. But these ab exercises about I showed you today, some of them are more advanced. Some of them are, you know, doable by a regular gym-goer. They target mostly the obliques, those exercises.

I like to mix and match and really work on my obliqueswhen I’m working my abs. So those exercises, especially the Russian twists, and you saw the slow roll bar, So, yeah, you can cut those ab exercises out. But please make sure that you have body fat is something that you know you have in a higher percentage, bring it down so that you can finally see what you’re working with.

Guys, I’ve got my fat burning training program which has all of the pliability exercises and the cardio routines I do. My six-pack extreme training day, as all of the other exercises I do, including diet. Both of my cabinet in Penn State’s package you have diet in them. No, and they don’t just give you a diet plan you can follow temporarily. They give you something you can follow for your lifestyle, you know. Sourcing a nutrition guide so that you can choose the right foods and not just kind of, you know, where not diet for a short period of time. This is for lifestyle. I’ve been training all my, 19th year of training, their lifestyle no this is something I live my whole life, you know. So that’s why I advocate healthy, not simply diet.

Guys, subscribe to my channel. I was so much more education and training stuff as long as the long with the hardcore workouts.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!) More Information

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Fat To Fit Transformation for a Teen

Fat to fit transformation can be an amazing journey. But there are many false starts. You may think a pill is the answer. Perhaps knowledge is the answer. But, no. The journey takes effort and time.

There are many overweight doctors and nurses. Having a lot of medical knowledge will not make a fat to fit transformation in your life. According to a recent survey 4 out of 10 doctors are overweight and 23% are obese. Don’t ever take weight management advice from an overweight doctor. They simply do not know how to make the fat to fit transformation.

Many people want a magic solution to their weight condition. For most people, this magic solution is a diet, weight loss pills, or a gym membership. The weight loss dietary supplement marketed is expected to grow 6% a year for the next decade. The fitness industry is expected to grow 2.6% a year globally.

Fat to Fit Transformation Turning Point

But, for people who do undergo a fat to fit transformation, there comes a defining moment, a turning point when they realize the true answer to becoming fit. It’s a lifestyle change.

That lifestyle changes involves eating a more healthy diet — not going on a temporary diet. This means eating more real foods, cutting out manufactured foods many of the nutrients and fiber removed.

That lifestyle change involves exercise. Our parents and grandparents lived before the current obese generation. They worked hard. In this obese information age, work often involves sitting at a desk for nearly 8 hours a day. Exercise is an optional extra we must choose.

Cardio and weight training exercises are important for our health and weight control. Cardio burns calories. And weight training builds muscle that raises our metabolism so we burn more calories every hour of the day.

The decision to change your lifestyle will be the turning point in your fat to fit transformation experience. Make your’s today.

It will be hard work. But, your fat to fit transformation will be worth it.

3 Month Fat to Fit Transformation! |Jason Robinson 16 Years old|

Hello! My name is Jason Robinson and this is my 3 month body transformation! I started off at 170 lbs and grinder my way to 134lbs! I really worked hard on this project and I hope you guys enjoy the video!

Songs used
Time- Hans Zimmer Instrumental Core Remix
Lullabies- Yuna(Adventure Club)

Hack to 6-Pack Abs: Cardio, Weight, Diet

Here is the hack to 6-pack abs. Everybody wants abs, but few people know how to get abs.

The fact is you can just crunch your way to abs. You can’t just do cardio to see your abs. You can’t go on a diet to limit your calories to get abs. And don’t relay on fat loss pills as the ultimate solution.

No, the hack to 6-pack abs involves a combination of tactics that work together to develop and display your abs. Here are the keys to that combination.

If you clicked on this video you are one step closer to getting those shredded ABS: six-pack ABS, 4 pack abs, 8 pack abs. Whatever pack that you’re looking for. I’m going to show you how to get them.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs

Now there’s four simple things that I want you to avoid if you want to be successful at this.

  1. You need to avoid those infomercial commercials that tell you to go out and purchase a $300 AB machine.
  2. You need to avoid starvation diets which are the diets that require you to eat nothing.
  3. You need to avoid fat loss pills. You’ll find them everywhere.
  4. And you also need to avoid doing a thousand crunches.

Now I know a lot of you are wondering, why do certain people have 8 pack abs, and why do some people want to have 4 pack abs? The answer to it is genetics. Some people are genetically gifted and are able to develop those 8 pack abs, or able to develop six pack abs, and 4 pack abs. Genetics also determines the alignment of your abs. You might not have six boxes equally lined up. Some people aren’t like that. Some people might have alternating abs. Got a box right here, box right here. Some other than that.

It’s all about genetics. So go ahead go talk to your parents. Thank them for whatever abs that you come up with. But it’s all based off of them, your genetics.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs: Ab Exercises

Now when I said earlier, I say to avoid a thousand crunches. It’s okay to do crunches here and there. But, what I really mean is, crunches is not the best exercise to develop a good abdominal appearance. You want to hit the obliques. You want to hit the lower abs and the upper abs.

Now, for the upper abs. Instead of doing rather crunches, why don’t you jump on the cables and do some cable crunches? Also, for the lower abs, try some hanging leg raises. And for the obliques, why don’t you try Russian twist.

Go to Google. You can research all type of abdominal exercises other than the crunch. Don’t make the crunch your main abdominal exercise.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs: Clean Diet

Fix Your Diet
Fix Your Diet

Fix your diet. If you want abs, you gotta fix your diet. Abs will be determined off of what you eat. A good portion of how abs are developed is how you eat.

You will hear a lot of people say, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Now, they aren’t really saying you go in the kitchen you make some ABS. What they’re saying is abs are playing off what you eat. If you that nice cleaning diet, those ABS will eventually show, mainly because your body fat percentage will continue to drop.

You will lose some weight, and that’s all about what you do the kitchen. You can’t stuff your face with fast food seven days a week and expect to see ABS, you got to have a clean diet. You got to clean it up.

Abs are Revealed in the Kitchen

This is how I like to put it. Abs are made in the gym, but abs are revealed in the kitchen. So you go to the gym. You work on your abdominal exercises. And you make those ABS strong. You make those ABS pop.

But in order to make those abs visible, you have to eat right. You got to get in that kitchen and reveal them. Everybody has a 6-pack. Everybody may not have a 6-pack. But everybody has some kind of pack: four, six, or eight. And that’s underneath all that domino effect. So you got to get rid of that fat. So doing a thousand crunches is only gonna make those abs strong underneath all that fat. But you got to remove the fat in order to see it, to see those abs. Therefore, you gotta clean up your diet.

Count Macronutrients

My approach is counting my macros. Macros, meaning you have to have a certain amount of fat, certain amount of carbs, and a certain amount of protein. And that to me is the best way to get those abs to show.

Track what you eat. Track what you’re putting in your body. If you don’t track what you need, nine times out of ten you’ll be eating too much of something. It’s never really too much of protein. But, it can’t be too less of protein. It is normally, for most people with too much fat and too many carbs. They don’t realize it. But if you just sit back, track one day of what you eat regularly, you’ll probably notice a lot of fat that you intake from the food that you eat. And the most good foods, the foods that we all love, contain a lot of carbs and a lot of fat.

Watch Out for Carbs and Fats

To me, those are the two main macronutrients that affect your leanness. You affect your body fat. So you need to track how many carbs you take intake. You track how much fat you’re intaking. Most people don’t need to go beyond 60 grams of fat. And there’s a lot of people who can consume 400 or 500 carbs a day and be lean as crap. But hey, that’s back to those genetics. Everybody is different. Everybody’s body is different.

So you can’t base your life off of what somebody else does. You may only be able to take in 100. But now I’m talking about macros. I’m gonna say that for another video. I’m mainly talking about abs, and in order to reveal those abs you need to start tracking what you eat.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs: Cardio to Burn Fat

Cardio photoCardio is important if you’re trying to lower that body fat. That’s just my opinion. And when I state cardio, I’m not saying on the treadmill 2 or 3 hours a day. The cardio I’m speaking up as high intensity cardio. High intensity cardio is a good way to burn fat. And it’s a good way to get lean. So those ads are going to eventually show from doing that high intensity cardio. And you can do high intensity cardio three to four times a week. Maybe even 2 to 3 depending on your body, depending on how you feel. But eventually those abs will show from their high intensity cardio.

Now, you’re probably watching this video, like who is this guy? This guy doesn’t know anything about abs and eating and fitness and all that crap.

I actually know a great deal of it. And I’ve actually experienced the bad end and the good end. And that’s why I’m able to tell you how to do it, give you a better way of how to do it, versus doing what I did to make those mistakes.

If you see this picture right here, this is me, probably two to three years ago, give or take nothing but cardio. I put the weights down, I said you know what, to get this I need these ABS to show, man. I need these ABS. I’m gonna bust out two or three hours of cardio every single day. And this is where I did a high intensity cardio, low intensity cardio. I was on an elliptical for hour.

Don’t Do it Wrong

I was doing high intensity cardio. I was jumping in that sauna. I was determined to get those after-show. And I heard cardio was the way to go. Guys, that’s wrong. I’m in, as you see, I was frail as hell and had no ABS. My diet wasn’t on point. I thought it was. I was eating nothing but tuna and yogurt. That was wrong. And I got no benefits from it.

I came home from school and my sister thought I was on drugs because I was so skinny. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Not the way to do it. Please do not follow my footsteps. I recommend you to pick the weights up, do cardio. Don’t do too much cardio. But do enough cardio. And you can do three days a week doing some cardio. But lifting weights is key. Abs are your core. This is ABS core. All your core you got to strengthen your core. You got to get your core strong. And weight lifting is how you get your core strong. You got to deadlift; you got your overhead pressing; you got your squats; you got your bench.

There’s a lot of exercises, big lifts, like that, power lifting. Basically, that will help you strengthen up that core. Then you have a lot of core exercises, as well. So I advise you to Google them. Look into it. But they will all help build up your core. You will see a lot of body builders, they don’t even have, they don’t even work there abdominal muscles because they they work the core so hard with those strong movements that it develops itself. Basically, I know, I don’t know if that made sense.

Lifting weights helps you to develop those abs, so do a certain amount of cardio. Make sure you always hit in the weights. And make sure you clean your diet. That’s three main things right there.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs

Let me repeat this hack to 6-pack abs: cardio, weight training, and diet. And by diet I mean counting those macros.

This is me doing prep. Me doing prep, shredded, looking good. I wasn’t feeling too good only because I wasn’t tracking macros. I was definitely one all bro diet. And I was eating nothing but fish, chicken, asparagus, green beans, stuff like that. I mean, that’s all go foods, all good bro foods you got to get him in. And I had a clean diet. And that’s why I was so shredded. But I didn’t feel that good.

Personal Example

This is me, not too long, a little, probably a few weeks ago, counting macros, doing minimum cardio. Still was throwing in cardio about two times a week. Six times a week I was on those weights, lifting heavy. Keep doing a strength. And as you clicked on this video you thought it was real secret to it. But the secret was clean diet, cardio, and weight training. That’s the secret to abs. And that’s the only way you will get those abs.

That about wraps up this video. I hope this was helpful. Remember, those three keys to six-pack ABS: cardio, weight training, and diet. Count your macros, lift some heavy weight, and do some high intensity cardio. You will have shredded ABS. You will have a four pack, six pack, or eight pack. What, it’s all up to you.

Hope this hack to 6-pack abs was helpful. Like this video. Comment on this video. Subscribe to this channel. I will give you more tips. And share this video. Tell your friends, let them know how to get some abs. Everybody wants abs. Let’s be honest but not all of us know how. Thank you for watching. More to come soon.

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Upper Abs Workout to Make Them Pop Out

Upper abs workout to get them really big and make your abs pop out.

Hey everybody. How y’all doing? Peter Carvell here. Today I’m going to start a little workout series where we’re going to focus on working out just one area of your abdominal wall. So, either your upper abs, your lower abs, or your side abs. And the reason for doing this is that I’ve used this exact workout model when I did my body transformation. And it was extremely effective.

So, for example, on a Monday I would do my upper abs workout; and a Tuesday my lower abs workout; and it Wednesday my side abs workout. On the fourth day we’ll move back to your upper abs. The reason for this is when you focus just on one specific abdominal area you can really hammer it. Which means more stimulation. Which means more growth.

Warm Up First

Now today, we’re going to focus on the upper abs workout. So let’s have a look at this workout. Now when I do these kind of workouts I always like to start off with a warm-up ab exercise. That would normally warm up the upper and the lower abs and sometimes even the side abs. And the reason for that is you’ll always work some kind of percentage of your upper or lower side abs when you’re just working the other specific area. So for this I’d normally use something like jackknife or double crunch. Today we’re just going to do a nice little bent knee jackknives. Basically, and with this make sure you just do as many as you can and until you’re nice and warmed up.

So nice. We’re just going to go from here. Really. Just do as many as you can. Get your abdominal wall nice and warmed up. Okay.

So when you’re done up the warm-up we’re going to move straight into the first exercise. And with all these exercises you’re just starting out trying to do at least 15 reps. But after a week or two, you want to get to doing as many reps as you can and working it to failure.

Upper Abs Workout – Crunch With Weight

So the first exercise is basically a normal crunch with the weight above your head. Got about 7 kgs here. Just take the weight above your head, bend your knees, and then you just bring it up nice and easy. All the way back. Bring it up. Make sure when you get to the top you crunch it. And then down. It’s really gonna work those upper abs. This doesn’t have to happen fast. It’s all about controlled movements. You’ll see I reach. Focus on squeezing my upper abs. You don’t want to do this sort of thing. You know that’s all cool, but there’s no form, there’s no shape. And you’re not focusing on concentrating on your abdominals. So nice and controlled. Squeeze it. And back. You’re done with that.

Upper Abs Workout – Ball Roll Out

The next upper abs workout exercise we’re going to look at is the ball roll out. So you grab your ball. Make sure you go nice and far back. Put your elbows on it and then you just roll it out and come back. If it’s too close to you, you’re going to start doing this, and then your upper body touches already. So you’re not working on anything. So make sure it’s nice in front of you. The last thing you want to touch is just your elbows. Roll over it, and come back. Also nice and controlled, and come back. Make sure when you get to the front you don’t go and do this [let your back sag]. Then you’re just going to injure your back. So keep your shape. Keep your posture. Move forward; bring it back. After that first exercise when you do this, it is really getting into those upper abs.

Upper Abs Workout – Butterfly Crunch

Now then the final exercise is going to be a butterfly crunch. And here I want you to use a weight again. I really want you to up the intensity. Up the ribs and really pump out as many as you can. So we can now focus on different muscle fibers. That’s the main thing about doing this kind of workout. It’s about working all the kinds of muscle fibers so you can stimulate them all. So you get better growth, quicker. So a butterfly crunches basically you open up your legs like this. We’re gonna take the weight, again when the whole eat in front of me. And now I really want you to just pump out as many as you can. Just to finish off this workout.

Workout to Failure

And that’s the full workout. You’re going to feel your abs because I can feel mine already. Before I let you go I just quickly want to tell you about the structure of how to do this workout most effectively. Gonna be a little bit different than anything else we’ve done before. Move this one.

You start up the first exercise. You do it to failure, or if you’re just starting out you do 15 reps. Then you give yourself 30 seconds break. And you do the same exercise again. You do 3 or 4 sets like that. So you focus on the same exercise 3 or 4 times. Then you give yourself 30 seconds break. And then you move on to the second exercise. You repeat it three or four times and then you move on to a final exercise.

Focus on Your Upper Abs

The reason for this is we really want to focus on one specific exercise and what that exercise does for our abs. And that’s it. You’re really going to enjoy this kind of workouts. And it really makes it easier. So you know to focus on your whole a abdominal area can become quite a long workout if you have to do that. Until next time. Enjoy. brings you another powerful abs workout..

Build More Visible & Blocky Abs so They Pop Out

Build More Visible & Blocky Abs with these ab exercises. Each day’s routine target specific ab muscles that will help them pop out.

What’s going on Nation? Welcome to bench break episode 6. how to build more visible & blocky abs.

Now we all know that as you start to decrease your body fat percentage, you’re going to start to see the outlines of your abdominals and your obliques. But what if you want to have those extra deep cuts and you want to have the kind of abs that really poke out when you flex? Well, in order for that to happen you need to train your abs like you would any other muscle part that you want to grow.

What I want to do today is go over with you the training techniques that I use to help me build a defined 6-pack and obliques. For your frequency, I’m going to recommend that you train your abs 4 times a week. What I like to do is split those workouts into two different categories.

On day one, I like to focus on the rectus abdominis and on day 2 I like to focus on the obliques. And then what I do is I take a rest day. Then repeat those workouts with day 4 where I get some dominus, day 5 I’m hitting the obliques again.

For the intensity of these exercises, you’re going to be trying to lift as much weight as possible for the designated rep ranges. Just like any other muscle group that you train you want to apply as much weight and progressive overload as possible to really rip and tear the muscle fibers so that you can actually have some growth.

Now, the sets and reps and rest periods for these exercises. I’m going to recommend that you do at least 4 sets per exercise and you keep that rep range between 12 and 15 repetitions. And only take a 60 to 90 second break in between each exercise.

Now that you have an idea how to format your routine, what I want to do is go over with you my six favorite exercises for day one. When you decide to make your routine, you only need to pick 2 to 3 exercises per day. So if you want to use the exercises from this list, just pick 2 to 3.

I’d also want you to know that there is a lot of speculation out there that you can’t target your lower abs specifically or the upper. In my experience, whenever I perform an exercise that involves weighted leg lifting, so whipping my in the air and applying extra weight to it, I feel like I have a lot more engagement in my lower abs. So with this in mind, every single time I do my day one workout I make sure I always incorporate an exercise that involves lifting the legs.

Day One for Build More Visible & Blocky Abs

So let’s get started with the first exercise.

Ab Pulldown

Now the first one is my all-time favorite exercise. It’s called an ab pulldown. Now I’m going to simulate this with bungees, however, if you check out this video right here, it’s actually an exercise you can perform a lot easier with a lot more weight with a cable machine. But, I don’t have that in my studio, so I’m gonna demonstrate it right here.

So the ab pulldown is very simple. On your knees like this; you’re holding the handles by your head; and you’re bringing your knees to your elbows. Or just a elbows to knees. If you could bring your knees to your elbows that’s Talent.

And you’ll notice I’m trying to keep my torso in one place as I do the exercise. When you start to lift really heavy with this exercise, if you can have somebody stand on your toes, you can focus more on contracting your core as opposed to trying to do the exercise and hold yourself in one spot.

Dumbbell Hanging Knee-Raise

Second exercise is going to be a dumbbell hanging knee raise. Now for some of you it actually might already be intense exercise just to kind of hang like this and raise your knees in the air as high as you can. For those of you who are a bit more advanced, I’d like for you to do it with a dumbbell. There’s a few different ways you can do this if you have access to ankle weights, you can use those as well. If you don’t, just position the dumbbell where you can grab it with your feet. You’re gonna hang like so and bring it up as high as possible, controlling the weight on the way up and on the way down. And you’re not using any momentum. You can also perform this exercise or the dips, doing the same thing.

You bring yourself in the air and with this one you want to make sure your hips are staying in line with your hands. Okay. I’ll show you the difference. This is what the exercise I suppose would look like. It’s actually pushing my hips forward. This is what you don’t want to do. You don’t want to be doing this. Okay. Hips forward. Bring the weight up as high as you can. So that’s the more advanced way to do it.

Ball Passes

My third favorite exercise is the ball passes. These can get pretty intense, especially if you use a slower tempo. So you go a lot slower with the ball pass.

Now whenever you do these it’s actually a 1-1 count. So it’s not one repetition until the ball leaves your feet and then comes back to your feet. So just like this. Lay down the ground, hands over your head. Come up as you come up to grab the ball your shoulder blades have to come off the ground. Don’t just get lazy and do this. Shoulder blades up grab. Come back down. Don’t let your feet or the ball touch the ground. Bring it back to the middle and then go back and forth just like this.

Medicine Ball Floor Crunch

The fourth exercise is going to be a medicine ball floor crunch. For this one you might want to start off with a smaller size medicine ball. This is an 8 pound ball and the way this exercise works, it’s similar to the ball pass where you’re going to hold the medicine ball between your feet. Don’t have a medicine ball, you can try to find something else to hold. You hold the ball in the air and as you bring the ball and you’re going to crunch and touch your elbows to your knees just like this. And you’ll notice the whole time I wasn’t letting the medicine ball touch the ground. And for me, that one really kills my lower abdominals.

Dumbbell Toe-Touch Crunch

The next exercise I want to show you guys is going to be a dumbbell toe touch crunch. And for this one you’re gonna lay down on the ground like this. You’re gonna hold your arm in the air. Show lay it on the ground. Keep one leg bent. Then what you’re going to do is raise one leg in the air and touch the toes with your opposite hand, like this. Then come back down to the ground just like that, And what you would do is perform all your reps on one side, and then switch to the other. Again, you guys will see that all these exercises I’m really getting my shoulders off the ground. I’m contracted my abs as hard as I can.

Ball Crunch with Plate

The sixth exercise is going to be a ball crunch with the plate. The way this is going to work, you don’t need much weight in this exercise, believe it or not, is you’re going to sit on a ball, take a plate. Then you’ll hold it behind your head, like this Then what you’re going to do is you’re gonna lean back as far as you can, come up for a crunch, and then come back down and hold that plake to your head as tight as you can. Just like that.

Those are some of my favorite exercises. That’s how I get the rectus abdominus on day one.

Day Two for Build More Visible & Blocky Abs

So we’re going to do now is go to day two. I’m gonna show you some of my favorite exercises that target obliques. Now we’re on to day two, which is going to be obliques. Once again, I’m going to show you guys four challenging exercises to really target your obliques. But remember, you’re only picking two to three to do on your day two workout.


The first exercise is going to be a woodchopper. For this exercise you want to use a cable machine, however I’m going to demonstrate with a bungee once again. So for the woodchopper, what you want to do is you want to set up the pulley so that’s at about your hip height. From there you’re gonna hold on to the handle. I like to interlock my fingers. And as a rule of thumb with most oblique exercises, I like to keep my hips facing one way and never let them move. That way I get as much tention as possible as I twist my torso.

So for this exercise I’ll actually start with my toes facing forward and my hips facing forward away from the machine. Grab the hand though. Keep my arms straight and then push all the way through. And as they come back, I’m keeping my hips facing forward, just like this. And for this exercise you will obviously have to do 15 reps on one side and then 15 reps on the other side.

Now you can also switch up this exercise every once in a while. If you would like, you can try doing it from a low angle like this, just to target your obliques a bit differently. And you would go from the bottom to the top. And then you can also put the bungee up higher and target from top to bottom. But you’ll notice that whether I’m doing the middle, top, or bottom, the bungee is always going through the center of my core.

Standing Oblique Curnch

The second exercise I want to show you guys is a standing oblique crunch. Now with this exercise it might be easier for you to start off by holding a plate. But as you get more advanced and stronger, you go to dumbbells. With this exercise, once again, you can do 15 repetitions per side. It’s really important that you keep your hips in one place and you only dip as far as you can go without your hips pushing out to the side. Don’t move a little bit. But there’s a big difference between dipping this low and then dipping like that. It’s really throwing your body out of whack, unwanted pressure on your spine. It’s just not good thing. So stay with your feet about shoulder width apart put your hand on your hip or behind your head. Dip down as far as you can and then crunch. And even when you crunch, crunch as tight as you can without pushing your hip out to the side too much, So you don’t want to be doing this. You just want to stay nice and tight. Go down, come up, really crunching your torso and focusing on your obliques. As soon as you’re done switch sides. Pick the other side.

Floor Oblique Twist

The third exercise is going to be a floor oblique twist. You’re going to use a plate. If you want to you can also use a medicine ball. For this exercise you’re going to actually try to balance on your gluts. So keep your feet together, flex your glutes a little bit, lean back as far as you can while still being able to sit upright. And what you want to do is bring the plate back and forth. You can touch the ground if you’d like to, but the exercise would be a little more intense if you just go as far as you can to the ground without touching. And then go back to the other side. So I’ll show you real quick. So down back and forth just like this. And once again, you’re doing 15 reps per side.

Standing Oblique Twists

Now the fourth exercise and this is a really challenging exercise is gonna be, you know, standing oblique twists with dumbbells. And the way this exercise works is you’re going to stand with your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. You’re gonna hold your arms out to the side like this, bend your knees, and then you’re gonna twist side to side just like that. And again, you’ll notice that my hips are facing forward the entire time. I’m not really using that heavy of weight. The most I usually do one this is ten pounds dumbbells. Believe it or not, fives are actually pretty challenging.

You can do it correctly. You’re doing that one one count, again. So one rep is left, right, one left, right. You also want to make sure your arms are staying straight the entire time. If you’ve never done this exercise before, I want you to start off with just your hands. What tends to happen if you go right to dumbbells is you’ll twist and your arms will start doing things like this. And it’s not really letting the exercise do what it’s meant to do, which is target your obliques. So start off with your hands out to the side like that, and focus on keeping everything nice and straight.

If you want to practice, you can actually get up like a wooden pole or something to put across your neck and put your arms on top to practice it like that as well.


So that’s your day two routine. You can be targeting your obliques: pick 2 to 3 of your favorite exercises. And remember, try to progressively overload as you’re doing your routines. The goal is to get 15 repetitions. If by the time you get to your fourth set you’ve increased the weight, you can only get 10 to 12, that’s okay.

Just push it as hard as you can. If you guys have any questions about this video or your exercise routine to get better results, join us on the forum section, right here. The community and I are there daily to help you guys out. And for more great tips, exercises, and routines, feel free to join us in our home in Fitness com.

And as always, more good stuff coming soon. See you guys.

If you’re looking for a quick way to switch things up, login to your profile and go to the workout section of the website. Once there, click on the muscles you want to train. Then you’ll be brought to a page where you can further filter down your search. Now you have a complete list of all the routines that target your chest and utilize only a barbell or dumbbell. From here you can race the routine, add it to your routines in your profile. And if you scroll down you can see a write-up of the entire routine as well as photos of all the exercises. You can also download a printable PDF just by clicking on it.


Ab Exercise To Burn Fat Fast Using Weights

What’s the best ab exercise to burn fat fast? These top 3 ab exercises burn fat and build your abs. Exactly what’s required to get your well defined abs to show.

What’s going on six-pack ABS? Its Thomas de Lauer, your lead nutritionist and lean trainer here. And today I want to give you some different ways to train your abs with weight.

You see, a lot of times we think that we just have to be doing crunches forever and ever and ever to get our abs to pop through. The reality is, when we’re doing that we are seeing the ABS because we’re getting some neural activation, and we’re seeing the ABS because, quite honestly, if we’re to cardio by doing thousands of sit-ups and that cardio is probably burning some fat, So, sure you’re gonna see your abs. But you have to treat your abs just like every other muscle.

That doesn’t mean that you need to go train them in a four six repetition range and go for this craziness. But, you do need to get them under some load. You do need to get this under some weight so that they can actually have some time under tension. So I want to show you three of my favorite weighted ab exercises. Nothing crazy. Simple things that you can do at home with little 5-10 pound dumbbells. A little bit of weight goes the long way. And you don’t want to be loading your spine with a lot of weight anyway.

Modified Cable Crunch Ab Exercise

So let’s start with an ab exercise that you probably know of which is gonna be just a regular old good old-fashioned cable crunch. Okay, this is something that you see the gym, but might not be something you can do at home. But you can modify it. I’ll show you how.

Okay, so what I’m gonna do when I do a cable crunch iS get myself far enough back so I’m not, I don’t want to be crunched in. Because what I don’t want to do when I do a cable crunch is be supertight where I have to slide sliding my butt back. I wanna be far enough back. But when I’m at the top of the motion, I’m duching in and tuck underneath.

I want the motion, but I couldn’t down. I want my elbows to come along the plane of the floor. So see how they’re like moving like that so that I’ve come up elbows are traveling along the floor and I’m curling in. Yet not this. If I do this it’s really hard on the back. i want to be far enough back so I get that stretch slide the elbows you on the floor. And you want a hinge right at the bottom. Boom. So you get halfway down, hinge halfway down. So that’s how you shouldn’t doing those when you’re in the gym.


Now the thing is is you could modify this ab exercise. You can do it with any kind of resistance band or anything like that. There’s actually a way that you get a similar motion by doing it with a simple plate. So we’re gonna do this this is we’re gonna hop on the ground.

One thing that’s really important when you do any kind of weighted sit up at all is, you don’t want to be having your feet off the ground the whole time. So that’s going to end up doing is to make it so that you’re really engaging your back way more. And you’re tilting yourself back. You’re going to have an awkward motion here because you’re going to have extra weight out of it. So you want to make sure your feet are planted and you want to hold this place down. It’s far back. And you hold the weight back, almost behind your neck, Behind your head if you put up on in your head you’re going to do this; that’s that’s working your neck.

One baby hold it for the back and then fringe up that small little crunch we’re hitting the back. The exact same way but you don’t want to coming down if you come down all the way again. You’re meeting that thoracic region so hold hold this plate along your back. And you have just enough resistance to get what you need it may not look the same as that cable app, but it is okay.

Weighted Side Oblique Crunches Ab Exercise

Now this next ab exercise is a variation of one that I’ve shown you before. So an ab move that I’ve shown you before, for the obliques. Here’s when you get on your side, and you’re hitting your abs like this. Okay. You’re basically leaning on your forearm. Oh, we can do the same thing by taking a plate and holding it behind our head like this. Same thing except I’m just looping it through. If you have one that has a loop like this, it makes it really easy.

You can do this with a kettle bell; you can do it with a small dumbbell; anything like that. I”m just gonna hold it through the loop. And I want it right by my ear. Same thing.

I’m on my hip pocket, leaning on this arm, helping myself up a little bit. But I’m focusing on the negative. So what I mean by that, I help myself up in the movement ,then I release the pressure off of my arm, here, and I allow the weight to carry me down to the negative fashion. It’s like up and down. Up, let the weight carry me down, up, let the weight carry me down, up.

We’re basically letting the weight give us a negative distraction on the ABS. Which is a pretty powerful thing. And something that we obviously want to try getting in as much as we can. Don’t need to go super heavy; no need for you to grab a 25 pound plate and try to do that. It’s not gonna do you any good.

Windshield Wipers Ab Exercise

Okay now another one that I want to focus on is grabbing, we’ll grab this here. Absolutely do it home. You can do this with two dumbbells, or you can do it with a barbell. I’ll show you both.

These are called windshield wipers. Technically they an ab exercise because you are engaging, using the upper body level. In all, we’re going to do here is go from side to side. Boom. That’s the middle, that’s the side, middle, outer side. Another side, middle. Very straightforward movie.


Let me show you the other variation of this ab exercise where we do it with some kettle bells. Might be something that will be easier to do at home because you may not have barbells sitting around. Let’s go nice and light; let’s go the pink ones and I’ll show you a variation that you can do to make it a little more advanced dude. Same thing.

Pretend you’re holding a barbell, back but now since you actually have more motion this way you’re going to engage the Sartorius in the internal or external obliques. That works same thing okay. But what if I want to make it a little bit more advanced? Well, we do that the down side, side, middle, and crunch a punch. It’s a side, slide, middle in touch, side, side, middle.

Watch Your Back

And the reason they don’t recommend doing that with our back is because it can get difficult once you get that last little crunch up. And the last thing I want to have happen to you is you get tired you have that barbell come down on your face. At least with kettlebells or dumbbells you’re safe. You’re gonna fall this way if you do fall. Say a little bit more control.

Here are quick little ways for you to engage the ABS in a different way. Okay if something again when you’re activating a little bit more intensity and you’re getting a little bit more that sarcoplasmic reticulum, part of the muscle to actually contract at its fullest, you’re gonna get more muscle growth. If you get a little bit of muscle growth in the ABS, that’s what’s going to give you that pop that you want. It gives you that a little bit of the actual definition in your abs. And of course, I can’t say this enough times, if you really want your abs to shine through you have to get leaned.

Intermittent Fasting: The Fastest Way to Get Lean

What’s the fastest way of getting lean is intermittent fasting. So if you haven’t already make sure, you check out the link down in the description that goes to my intermittent fasting. For science-based expect which is now the world’s leading intermittent fasting course, that’s the quickest way to get your abs to the diet.

This is gonna be one of the quickest ways to get abs when it comes down to your training. So as always, make sure you’re keeping it locked in here on the channel with six-pack ABS calm and I’ll see you in the next video.

Achieve The Body You Deserve:

My Complete Ab Workout – Rob Riches

British-born cover model, Rob Riches, shows his complete six pack workout to target the entire abdominal section.

The next step up to being able to engage and really develop our lower abdominal structure is to add some gravity. So basically, what is the same as the lying leg raise. I’ve got a height adjustable bench here. Head up at the top, and get my hips down here. Legs at the same movement but now I have a wider range of motion.

I really have to engage, work the lower abs. The same principles apply. Tempo: we’re keeping momentum out of the equation. Here we’re focusing on that deep breathing and contracting out up at the end.

Secondly, form and technique: both my knees and my arm position are fixed. The only parts that are really moving are my hips and the lower abdominals. Think of it like a almost in a cocoon, fetal position. Elbows up on my temple. That keeps my arms fixed and keeps the abdominal muscles, down here, constantly tense which helps add to the intensity of the exercise.

Breathing, again, exhaling as you come up. I really can’t stress the importance, especially as you step up the advancement level, breathing has in actually engaging the abdominals, helping you increase that muscular contraction. Fifteen to thirty reps on here and if you need to take a short break, five seconds, back on and try and complete at least two if not five more reps after that.

Alright, let’s move on now hit the lower and side obliques. Next exercise is the high cable wood chop. This is a classic favorite of mine. And adding that resistance taking it through a constant range of motion really keeps maximal contraction on these internal external obliques, the V sectional apps that we really work by rotating the core. So this is a step up from I think the seated medicine ball rotation where we have a fixed object moving it around the core. This time, again, we’re fixed but we have this constant resistance that’s always the same. Basically, we have no sticking point, which means it’s a lot more fluid, so keeping those muscles engaged.

Okay, the outer arm goes on last. Arms bent. I’ve got a moderate weight on here; it’s not too heavy because really it’s my obliques doing the work and nothing else. Love this exercise. But really, developing the side obliques, I don’t use too much weight. So I focus back on the breathing and the technique and form. Keep my arms as fixed as I can I’m not bending them. My arms aren’t doing this and I’m keeping my hips my waist as fixed as possible. I’m doing this movement which even without any weight as you can see the muscles happen to work. So when I combine breathing back I really get that deep contraction pulling my abdominals in. When you add some resistance like I have done here, that really helped improve their conditioning and helps you get that grainy effect, grainy gropey muscle effect, when you’re low body fat comes throug. That is read cardio and diet come in.

But you’ve got to have have the abdominal structure developed before that can be seen.

Now, I’ve worked one set of the obliques and that will work the opposite direction and switch the handle from high to low. Basically using the same weight but now I’ve got gravity going against me. So, outer hand over on the end same principles apply. Keeping the arms fixed and rotating around my waist. Keeping that fixed as I exhale. Focus on squeezing the muscle at the end. That means slight pause and a break in momentum.

By moving on from the rotational portion of this ab circuit I’m now going to take the cable, put it back up to the top and focus on some high cable pull downs to really start to engage in bringing my intercostals here. And with that slight rotation it’s another dynamic, another factor variable I’m changing in the ABS Orcutt to help increase the intensity and help further condition and train my abs.

It’s going to set up few modifications to this exercise. I’m going to remove the handle and take the weight up. Reasons for that I’m going to hold the ball here where it keeps my wrist elbow and shoulder all in line. Instead of having a handle to pull down on. I’m actually engaging more of my obliques this way. Secondly, because the height of this, if the handle were here I’m not getting full contraction or lengthening of my abs. So by taking the ball up to the top I can get that full range of movement and then about it. The weight increasing the intensity because now I’m only that’s really flexing my ABS. I’m not having to bring that weight outwards away from that gravity.

So same principles technique form breathing control you can see from this exercise just that shortness range of motion from here how much I’m moving I’m not coming all the way down here. The purpose of this exercise is not to flex your body to the side as much as you can it’s again that contraction. With that, breath out. And that slight rotation to get these abdominals. My shoulder is working. See if I would just go up and down engaging but not as much as that twist that elbow comes down and slightly backward. It’s kind of like you’re drawing a J backwards with your elbow. See these pulling. Oh so, if you want to focus on getting that V cut just around the top of the short line, this is a great exercise to be able to build up to and really get these lower muscles working.

Okay, on with the final exercise of this particular app circuit. And for that I’m going to head back over to the decline bench and start to pull in my upper abdominals combined with a lower section again. Now I’m going to bring gravity back into the mix for this final ab exercise of the AB circuit. The reason is now my lower abdominals have to work that much harder to contract and pull my body weight with my torso, shoulders up from that decline position. So I think shoulders and hips, whichever, is going to be lower means that particular portion lower abdominals if the hips are lower than the shoulders, upper abdominals, if the shoulders are lower than the hips.

So we’re just using this adjustable bench to manipulate which part is doing more work really does make a difference how high or low the shoulders are in relation to where the hips, and how the apps that happens contract money about 20 degrees lower than my hips there. Get that little extra movement now that my abs have to be stretched out that tiny bit farther as I go down. It means they’re having to work much harder than if I was just simply laying flat or adding resistance for that same movement. So there’s another tip instead of simply trying to add heavier weight through the exercise think about the range of motion.

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Total AB Motivation — Keep the Blood Pumping Through Your Muscles

Love going to the gym? Keep pushing blood through your muscles. Get pumped! Build abs.

A lot of people define being fit by looking at the mid section of your body and yes we are talking about the abs. There is nothing like a ripped, defined mid section and even better when it`s displayed by some of the best mid sections in the world like in this video. Abs, abs and abs. Enjoy

Smart Cardio For Men Over 40 — Functional Cardio Day

Help Yourself Get In The Best Shape – At Any Age:

Hey guys what’s up? It’s mark today to bring you a quick and easy workout that I personally designed as a key component to my new workout program ABS after 40. I like to call this workout functional cardio day.

Now this is important for you guys over 40 to watch because if you have experience with other workout systems such as P90x or Insanity you’ve probably encountered or heard feedback from others stating that catastrophic injuries are often experienced with these systems. The high impact nature of those programs can lead to serious joint, ligament and muscle tear damage that will not help you lose weight at all. In fact these types of injuries were more than likely keeping you fat and out of shape.

Now I’m not saying high impact movements are a complete waste of time. But when it comes to men over 40 there is simply a better way to achieve the fat burning effect you need without the risk of blowing out a knee, twisting an ankle, or busting a hip. Now let me clarify one thing. Low impact does not necessarily mean that I’m suggesting some powder puff geriatric water aerobics class. Forget the water wings guys .I’m going to take you through my personal method for full body toning. It’s functional cardio days fellows.

Functional cardio days are great for guys who are looking to burn body fat fast without the need to perform any side impact movements that more often than not lead to ligament or joint damage. And what’s even better is that you can do this workout right at home. There’s no equipment required on functional cardio days. No grueling hours on seated stationary bikes or treadmills where your heart rate stays at a constant non fat oxidizing state.

With these quick low-impact exercise intervals your entire body will get work leading to faster more efficient weight loss than wasting hours chained to a piece of cardio equipment. You’ll get it in and be done in 15 minutes or less. This workout is an absolute staple of my abs after 40 program. There’s no better time than now to start your fitness transformation guys.

So let’s get into what a functional cardio day actually looks like. We’re going to be knocking out five different exercises for 10 reps each. You may take rest as needed. But keep in mind that the goal here is to keep your heart rate elevated in the fat burning, training zone. So for best results try to keep your rest minimal. Take about 30 to 60 seconds of full rest between each cycle. The program calls for three total cycles. So pay close attention to my form and intensity as I demonstrate exactly what I’m expecting from you guys in the performance Department.

The exercises we will be performing will be number one lateral lunges, two decline push-ups, three reverse plank kicks, four bench dips, and finally, fifth, shoulder touch planks.

Let’s go. Follow along and watch my form as I show you how to do these five exercises. Okay.

First of all we’re going to start with lateral lunges. They may seem really easy but you need to do slow controlled movements, and go as deep as your body will let you. If your knees or your back starts to hurt go half way down. So it’s as simple as this. Lateral lunges, hands in the middle. You take a step to one side and a step back. That’s one, two, three, four, gosh, six, seven, Hey 9. Yeah.

And right after that, no rest, we’re going to go into decline push-ups. Three, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten.

All right, no more rest. h\How about some reverse plank kicks now? All right. So it was this all fours. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, nine, yeah.

All right. .Into those, no rest, straight over here Let’s do some bench dips. Lean out on – yes. Hey, nine, ten. Okay.

No more rest. All right. Last thing we can do is shoulder touch planks. Okay. Spread out like this and we’re going to go: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Alright guys. That’s one complete cycle: five exercise, no rest in between. I’m going to take about 30 seconds you can take up to a minute or longer. Just catch your breath. As you can see they may look easy but when you do them back to back to back, you really get your heart rate up, it keeps your blood pumping.

We start burning more calories at the same time. That we’re actually working our muscles. I got about another 15 seconds so I’m gonna do it all over again.

Now guys, if after three cycles of this you feel like you can keep going, please please hit it harder. There’s nothing that says you have to stop at three. Three is the bare minimum I want out of you though. Okay, four or five or six is fantastic. The more you put into it the more you’re going to get out of it. Simple as that.

Hey guys, what’s up! Today I want to bring you a quick and easy workout that was designed as a key component to the NEW workout program, Abs After 40… I like to call this workout, “Functional Cardio Day”.

Now this is important for you guys over 40 to watch because if you have experience with other workout systems such as P90X or Insanity, you’ve probably encountered or heard feedback from others stating that catastrophic injuries are often experienced with these systems.

The high-impact nature of those programs can lead to serious joint, ligament and muscle tear damage that will not help you lose weight at all – In fact, these types of injuries will more than likely keep you fat and out of shape. Now I am not saying that high-impact movements are a complete waste of time but when it comes to men over 40, there is simply a better way to achieve the fat-burning effect you need without the risk of blowing out a knee, twisting an ankle or busting a hip.

Functional cardio days are GREAT for guys who are looking to burn body fat fast without the need to perform any high impact movements that, more often than not, lead to ligament or joint damage… And what’s even better is that you can do this workout right at home – there’s no equipment required on functional cardio day.

With these quick, low-impact exercise intervals your entire body will get worked – leading to faster, more effective weight loss than wasting hours chained to a piece cardio equipment. You’ll get it in and be done in 15 minutes or less.

The exercises we will be performing will be:
1. lateral lunges
2. decline push-ups
3. reverse plank kicks
4. bench dips
5. shoulder touch planks

Workout Breakdown:

– Lateral lunges for 10

– Decline push-ups for 10

– Reverse plank kicks for 10

– Bench dips for 10

– Shoulder touch planks for 10

– Round 2, fellas!

– And here we go, final round… Round 3.

How men over 40 need to be training:

Thanks again for tuning in guys. I know all of you guys out there who are over 40 have been waiting for the solution to finally getting rid of your belly fat… And let me tell you, the solution is just a couple days away!

Reserve your spot for the full Abs After 40 program now:

I’ll see you guys there.


PS: Don’t forget to share this video with any of your friends who are over 40 and that are looking to get into killer shape:

How To Get A Six Pack In 3 Minutes For A Kid

How To Get A Six Pack In 3 Minutes For A Kid –

Sup guys, today I’m gonna show you how to
get a six pack in 3 minutes; once again just a little ab workout you can do if don’t have a six pack. Alright.

So make sure you’re stretched a little bit out. I mean stretch out your back. And maybe warm up with some flutter kicks or something.

Alright, so the first exercise we’re gonna do is v ups so your gonna do 30
seconds of these.

The next exercise we’re gonna do is flutter kicks, again 30 seconds of these.

You can put your hands under your butt; point your toes
if you want. Make sure you are activating your core.

Alright the next one is clams for 30 seconds of these. we’re gonna be doing 3 rounds of this of one more exercise. Keep it up guys!

Come on guys!

Alright now, we’re gonna do 30 seconds of plank. Make sure your butt’s not sticking up in the air; make sure your butt’s not saggin’ down. You wanna be level like this

Come on keep it up guys I know its tough.

Now we’re gonna do another round. V ups first. 30 seconds of these. Moving on to flutter kicks, 30 seconds. Make sure you are not bouncing your feet off like this. Keep it up guys.

30; now we;re gonna do clams. Make sure your hitting knees to elbows, feeling it.

Moving on to planks. Almost done guys.

One more round of this. Come on guys keep it up! One more round moving on to flutter kicks come on guys. 10 seconds guys. 10 more seconds planks.

Last 30 seconds. Good work guys. That’s the workout

Let’s see if hes got more six pack. Alright guys. Its not really a six pack in 3 minutes,
but its a good ab workout.

Thanks for watching. Make sure to check out our website
Thanks guys.

Ok what’s the real secret to get a six pack in 3 minutes ?

There is none there no magic pill that gets you abs in minutes or a workout that gets you a six pack, what gets you a abs is eating right, working out and doing a whole bunch of cardio. You don’t have to be skinny to get a six pack in 3 minutes you just have to have less than 10% body fat. I will admit this ab workout for getting six pack is temporary but within 1 month if you do this workout 3 days a week with cardio, you will see results