15 Must-Do Isometric Core Exercises For a STRONG Six Pack

Want a strong six pack? Try this isometric workout routine at home. REAL fitness and training professionals threw sit-ups and crunches into the trash years ago, knowing the dangers and how ineffective they are for developing the core. And some have even taken it a step further and have eliminated MOVEMENT in favor of isometric workout routines in order to safely target the core.

Hey everybody. What’s up?

I’m coach Bryan and I’m standing next to Marcia here, and we’re giving you 15 isometric core exercises that you must do now.

These are just movements that have no movement whatsoever. They’re isometric holds. You’re going to do these exercises anywhere between 15 and 30 seconds. You can also incorporate a little bit of resistance. That’s if you’re ready for the challenge.

Here are the 15 Must-Do Isometric Core Exercises:

1. Hollow hold
2. V sit
3. Unilateral Loaded V-Sit
4. Dead bug
5. Leg lift hold
6. Elbow plank
7. Bull dog
8. Superman
9. Hand Plank
10. Bird Dog
11. Glute Bridge
12. Side elbow plank
13. Side hand plank
14. Cross Knee Mountain Climber
15. V Reach Through

So get ready and watch her do these 15 exercises.

Okay. So, hopefully, you found these exercises fun and hopefully are gonna use them in your training. This is a great isometric workout routine at home.

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