Upper Abs Workout to Make Them Pop Out

Upper abs workout to get them really big and make your abs pop out.

Hey everybody. How y’all doing? Peter Carvell here. Today I’m going to start a little workout series where we’re going to focus on working out just one area of your abdominal wall. So, either your upper abs, your lower abs, or your side abs. And the reason for doing this is that I’ve used this exact workout model when I did my body transformation. And it was extremely effective.

So, for example, on a Monday I would do my upper abs workout; and a Tuesday my lower abs workout; and it Wednesday my side abs workout. On the fourth day we’ll move back to your upper abs. The reason for this is when you focus just on one specific abdominal area you can really hammer it. Which means more stimulation. Which means more growth.

Warm Up First

Now today, we’re going to focus on the upper abs workout. So let’s have a look at this workout. Now when I do these kind of workouts I always like to start off with a warm-up ab exercise. That would normally warm up the upper and the lower abs and sometimes even the side abs. And the reason for that is you’ll always work some kind of percentage of your upper or lower side abs when you’re just working the other specific area. So for this I’d normally use something like jackknife or double crunch. Today we’re just going to do a nice little bent knee jackknives. Basically, and with this make sure you just do as many as you can and until you’re nice and warmed up.

So nice. We’re just going to go from here. Really. Just do as many as you can. Get your abdominal wall nice and warmed up. Okay.

So when you’re done up the warm-up we’re going to move straight into the first exercise. And with all these exercises you’re just starting out trying to do at least 15 reps. But after a week or two, you want to get to doing as many reps as you can and working it to failure.

Upper Abs Workout – Crunch With Weight

So the first exercise is basically a normal crunch with the weight above your head. Got about 7 kgs here. Just take the weight above your head, bend your knees, and then you just bring it up nice and easy. All the way back. Bring it up. Make sure when you get to the top you crunch it. And then down. It’s really gonna work those upper abs. This doesn’t have to happen fast. It’s all about controlled movements. You’ll see I reach. Focus on squeezing my upper abs. You don’t want to do this sort of thing. You know that’s all cool, but there’s no form, there’s no shape. And you’re not focusing on concentrating on your abdominals. So nice and controlled. Squeeze it. And back. You’re done with that.

Upper Abs Workout – Ball Roll Out

The next upper abs workout exercise we’re going to look at is the ball roll out. So you grab your ball. Make sure you go nice and far back. Put your elbows on it and then you just roll it out and come back. If it’s too close to you, you’re going to start doing this, and then your upper body touches already. So you’re not working on anything. So make sure it’s nice in front of you. The last thing you want to touch is just your elbows. Roll over it, and come back. Also nice and controlled, and come back. Make sure when you get to the front you don’t go and do this [let your back sag]. Then you’re just going to injure your back. So keep your shape. Keep your posture. Move forward; bring it back. After that first exercise when you do this, it is really getting into those upper abs.

Upper Abs Workout – Butterfly Crunch

Now then the final exercise is going to be a butterfly crunch. And here I want you to use a weight again. I really want you to up the intensity. Up the ribs and really pump out as many as you can. So we can now focus on different muscle fibers. That’s the main thing about doing this kind of workout. It’s about working all the kinds of muscle fibers so you can stimulate them all. So you get better growth, quicker. So a butterfly crunches basically you open up your legs like this. We’re gonna take the weight, again when the whole eat in front of me. And now I really want you to just pump out as many as you can. Just to finish off this workout.

Workout to Failure

And that’s the full workout. You’re going to feel your abs because I can feel mine already. Before I let you go I just quickly want to tell you about the structure of how to do this workout most effectively. Gonna be a little bit different than anything else we’ve done before. Move this one.

You start up the first exercise. You do it to failure, or if you’re just starting out you do 15 reps. Then you give yourself 30 seconds break. And you do the same exercise again. You do 3 or 4 sets like that. So you focus on the same exercise 3 or 4 times. Then you give yourself 30 seconds break. And then you move on to the second exercise. You repeat it three or four times and then you move on to a final exercise.

Focus on Your Upper Abs

The reason for this is we really want to focus on one specific exercise and what that exercise does for our abs. And that’s it. You’re really going to enjoy this kind of workouts. And it really makes it easier. So you know to focus on your whole a abdominal area can become quite a long workout if you have to do that. Until next time. Enjoy.

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