Fat To Fit Transformation for a Teen

Fat to fit transformation can be an amazing journey. But there are many false starts. You may think a pill is the answer. Perhaps knowledge is the answer. But, no. The journey takes effort and time.

There are many overweight doctors and nurses. Having a lot of medical knowledge will not make a fat to fit transformation in your life. According to a recent survey 4 out of 10 doctors are overweight and 23% are obese. Don’t ever take weight management advice from an overweight doctor. They simply do not know how to make the fat to fit transformation.

Many people want a magic solution to their weight condition. For most people, this magic solution is a diet, weight loss pills, or a gym membership. The weight loss dietary supplement marketed is expected to grow 6% a year for the next decade. The fitness industry is expected to grow 2.6% a year globally.

Fat to Fit Transformation Turning Point

But, for people who do undergo a fat to fit transformation, there comes a defining moment, a turning point when they realize the true answer to becoming fit. It’s a lifestyle change.

That lifestyle changes involves eating a more healthy diet — not going on a temporary diet. This means eating more real foods, cutting out manufactured foods many of the nutrients and fiber removed.

That lifestyle change involves exercise. Our parents and grandparents lived before the current obese generation. They worked hard. In this obese information age, work often involves sitting at a desk for nearly 8 hours a day. Exercise is an optional extra we must choose.

Cardio and weight training exercises are important for our health and weight control. Cardio burns calories. And weight training builds muscle that raises our metabolism so we burn more calories every hour of the day.

The decision to change your lifestyle will be the turning point in your fat to fit transformation experience. Make your’s today.

It will be hard work. But, your fat to fit transformation will be worth it.

3 Month Fat to Fit Transformation! |Jason Robinson 16 Years old|

Hello! My name is Jason Robinson and this is my 3 month body transformation! I started off at 170 lbs and grinder my way to 134lbs! I really worked hard on this project and I hope you guys enjoy the video!

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Upper Abs Workout to Make Them Pop Out

Upper abs workout to get them really big and make your abs pop out.

Hey everybody. How y’all doing? Peter Carvell here. Today I’m going to start a little workout series where we’re going to focus on working out just one area of your abdominal wall. So, either your upper abs, your lower abs, or your side abs. And the reason for doing this is that I’ve used this exact workout model when I did my body transformation. And it was extremely effective.

So, for example, on a Monday I would do my upper abs workout; and a Tuesday my lower abs workout; and it Wednesday my side abs workout. On the fourth day we’ll move back to your upper abs. The reason for this is when you focus just on one specific abdominal area you can really hammer it. Which means more stimulation. Which means more growth.

Warm Up First

Now today, we’re going to focus on the upper abs workout. So let’s have a look at this workout. Now when I do these kind of workouts I always like to start off with a warm-up ab exercise. That would normally warm up the upper and the lower abs and sometimes even the side abs. And the reason for that is you’ll always work some kind of percentage of your upper or lower side abs when you’re just working the other specific area. So for this I’d normally use something like jackknife or double crunch. Today we’re just going to do a nice little bent knee jackknives. Basically, and with this make sure you just do as many as you can and until you’re nice and warmed up.

So nice. We’re just going to go from here. Really. Just do as many as you can. Get your abdominal wall nice and warmed up. Okay.

So when you’re done up the warm-up we’re going to move straight into the first exercise. And with all these exercises you’re just starting out trying to do at least 15 reps. But after a week or two, you want to get to doing as many reps as you can and working it to failure.

Upper Abs Workout – Crunch With Weight

So the first exercise is basically a normal crunch with the weight above your head. Got about 7 kgs here. Just take the weight above your head, bend your knees, and then you just bring it up nice and easy. All the way back. Bring it up. Make sure when you get to the top you crunch it. And then down. It’s really gonna work those upper abs. This doesn’t have to happen fast. It’s all about controlled movements. You’ll see I reach. Focus on squeezing my upper abs. You don’t want to do this sort of thing. You know that’s all cool, but there’s no form, there’s no shape. And you’re not focusing on concentrating on your abdominals. So nice and controlled. Squeeze it. And back. You’re done with that.

Upper Abs Workout – Ball Roll Out

The next upper abs workout exercise we’re going to look at is the ball roll out. So you grab your ball. Make sure you go nice and far back. Put your elbows on it and then you just roll it out and come back. If it’s too close to you, you’re going to start doing this, and then your upper body touches already. So you’re not working on anything. So make sure it’s nice in front of you. The last thing you want to touch is just your elbows. Roll over it, and come back. Also nice and controlled, and come back. Make sure when you get to the front you don’t go and do this [let your back sag]. Then you’re just going to injure your back. So keep your shape. Keep your posture. Move forward; bring it back. After that first exercise when you do this, it is really getting into those upper abs.

Upper Abs Workout – Butterfly Crunch

Now then the final exercise is going to be a butterfly crunch. And here I want you to use a weight again. I really want you to up the intensity. Up the ribs and really pump out as many as you can. So we can now focus on different muscle fibers. That’s the main thing about doing this kind of workout. It’s about working all the kinds of muscle fibers so you can stimulate them all. So you get better growth, quicker. So a butterfly crunches basically you open up your legs like this. We’re gonna take the weight, again when the whole eat in front of me. And now I really want you to just pump out as many as you can. Just to finish off this workout.

Workout to Failure

And that’s the full workout. You’re going to feel your abs because I can feel mine already. Before I let you go I just quickly want to tell you about the structure of how to do this workout most effectively. Gonna be a little bit different than anything else we’ve done before. Move this one.

You start up the first exercise. You do it to failure, or if you’re just starting out you do 15 reps. Then you give yourself 30 seconds break. And you do the same exercise again. You do 3 or 4 sets like that. So you focus on the same exercise 3 or 4 times. Then you give yourself 30 seconds break. And then you move on to the second exercise. You repeat it three or four times and then you move on to a final exercise.

Focus on Your Upper Abs

The reason for this is we really want to focus on one specific exercise and what that exercise does for our abs. And that’s it. You’re really going to enjoy this kind of workouts. And it really makes it easier. So you know to focus on your whole a abdominal area can become quite a long workout if you have to do that. Until next time. Enjoy.

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Body Fat Percentage Pictures – 10% Body Fat Pictures

Body fat percentage pictures help motivate you to reach your goal. See what 10% body fat really looks like.

The American Council on Exercise provides some guidelines on the recommended body fat percentage for both men and women. Their classification of body fat percentages are:

Classifaction Women Men
Essential Fat 10-13% 2-5%
Athelets 14-20% 6-13%
Fitness 21-24% 14-17%
Average 25-31% 18-24%
Obese 32% and higher 25% and higher

These following body fat percentage pictures show primarily what an athletic person could look like. Enjoy and get motivated!

Body Fat Percentage Pictures

Today we’re going to be discussing body fat percentages pictures and look at realistic examples with different people including Conor McGregor, Steve Cook, Jeff Nippard, and many more, including, of course, yours truly. To make this as realistic as possible, I’ve only chosen people who have documented that body class percentages using its DEXA Scan which is supposed to be the most accurate method out there.

So what DEXA scan does it uses x-ray consisting of two different beams where as a higher energy which gets absorbed by bones and soft tissue and the lower intensity one gets only absorbed by soft tissue, which means muscle and fat.

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Body Fat Percentage Pictures 7% Body Fat

So, the first on the list is going to be Conor McGregor. Love this guy. He’s an Irish MMA fighter and he looked like this at the time of the DEXA scan. And as you can see, he doesn’t look lean. He does look very very athletic. So Conor actually came to 7% body fat, which is extremely lean. And I would have guessed, like 10 percent by that. But apparently I’m wrong.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 6.2% Body Fat

Now let’s talk about one of the most shredded people that I’ve ever seen. His name is Alberto Nunez and he took a DEXA Scan recently. This is a closest that you can possibly look to a Dragonball Z character. I threw that in there just to prove that Goku is in fact Mady. So before the DEXA Scan he did a little bit of a posing update to show people how he looks like. And this guy is insane. He looks like a human roadmap. He’s got veins absolutely everywhere. Even his ass looks like a washboard. So Conor McGregor with 7% body fat; this guy must be like zero point five percent. Right? Wrong. He actually came to six point two percent body fat.

Apparently he’s only got zero point 8 percent less body fat and Conor McGregor which is crazy when you look at the visual comparison. The difference is astonishing. But anyways. let’s look at more examples.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 5.7% Body Fat

Next up is Mischa Janiec, the vegan bodybuilder and considered by many to have one of the best physiques on YouTube. we have the 5.7 huh? Yeah, crazy. He got 5.7 percent body fat. And this footage is shown after the DEXA scan. He is obviously in fantastic shape, very, very lean. But when you compare Mischa to Alberto you would have guessed that Alberto is actually leaner. And also there are other things that we can’t really know, like lighting and pump. So let’s just accept these results for now.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 5.8% Body Fat

So next up is going to be Rob Lipset. fellow Youtuber from Ireland. This guy has a really great physique. So what was his results? “I came in at five point eight percent body fat.” I mean Rob has a fantastic physique, but he scored lower than Alberto Nunez and the same as Mischa. And Rob actually said that he thinks that he is actually higher than when he tested which I agree with. “I would give myself personally about 8%.”

He took a picture of himself shirtless that day, and posted to Instagram with of course half nighty lighting and probably a little sneaky increase in contrast. Yes, we’re all guilty of that. But this is really crazy because DEXA is supposed to be the most accurate, you know, test out there. And compare Rob with Nischa and Alberto. You can clearly see that they are not the same. But a percentage. And since both Robinson and Conor McGregor are from Ireland I’m starting to think that these machines are kind of racist and favor the Irish more than everyone else.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 11.5% Body Fat

Next up is Steve Cook, professional men’s physique competitor. And he got a DEXA can in his offseason. Steve Cook looks extremely shredded most of the time. So I’m surprised he took a DEXA scan when he was in the offseason. And his result came to at 11.5%. And fortunately, like many other physique competitors and bodybuilders, it’s very hard to find footage of them shirtless when they’re not stage ready.

Come on guys, it’s okay. It’s fine to show some love-handle action sometimes. Anyways I did my detective work and I managed to find a picture of him, or two pictures actually, from the same week of the DEXA scan. And these two are it. Obviously going to choose the best angles and lighting, but yeah, As you can see at 11.5% body fat heI still maintains visible abs and vascular arms.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 10.8% Body Fat

Okay guys, get ready. Jaime Alderton is our next case study. He actually did two with DEXA scans. One before in before his contest prep and one right before his contest, I believe. As you can see here on the left, he tested at fifteen percent body fat. Another, right, you can see the end result after all his hard work. He got an astonishing low level of ten point eight percent body fat. So you’re telling me that Jamie Alderton is 11 percent body fat. But look at the pictures that he took when he was contest ready. He looks absolutely insane, extremely dry, deep cuts. This does not make any sense.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 8.2% Body Fat

Another fellow Youtuber his, name is Jeff Nippard. As you can see he has a very full, complete looking physique. And as you can see here in the footage, taken the same day of the test, he is definitely carrying more fat than some of the other examples that I’ve shown. But nevertheless, he took the test and it came to a 8.4 which is a lot leaner than I expected it to be.. To me 8.2% seems a little bit low for him, especially when you’re comparing him to Jaime Alderton.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 8.1% Body Fat

Next up Kinobody is another Youtuber that did a DEXA scan recently. And he is in great shape. But as you can see in this footage, I would have guessed him to 12% body fat to be honest. So let’s see what I got. “it’s an amazing eight point one.” “Eight point one percent. Eight point one. WOW! That’s great.” So this is another example that does not make sense because he is clearly not leaner than Jamie Alderton with a score 3 percent lower.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 17% Body Fat

So it’s now the moment that you’ve been waiting for. My turn to do the DEXA scan. I’ve never a DEXA scan before. This is my first time. So as you can see I just did a little physique update right after I did a huge burger challenge. So I was a little bit loade,d but you can see more or less how I’m looking before getting scaned. I would have guessed that I’m about fourteen percent body fat. Okay, you guys. Ready? Drum roll. Total body, seventeen percent. Yeah. Okay. It’s not okay. Apparently I’m as bad as this G. So after crying a little bit in the bathroom for a few minutes, I came to the conclusion that my muscles are actually not muscles. They are a cluster of hardened fat that look like muscles, but they’re not.

I have a higher body fat percentage than Jamie Alderton before he started his prep. And, also, I am about 10% higher and by effect compared to Kinobody. As you can see right here. I guess I’ll be showing my new raw broccoli diet today.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 3.9% Body Fat

To finish off, we have a very good example. we have Durianrider who is a part-time cyclist. And did a DEXA scan as well. “A lean 3.9 percent.” Okay. What is going on here? This doesn’t make any sense at all. If he was actually three point nine percent body fat, he will be on the verge of dying. So even if the DEXA scan is the most accurate way to measure body fat, it obviously has some flaws.

How Accurate Are DEXA Scans?

So I was doing some research. I found out that there are three main manufacturers for the DEXA equipment. Depending on where the machine comes from, it may give use different results. And even the same machine that you use may give different results depending on a lot of different factors. A study, for example, shows that one of the most common reasons for the DEXA scan errors is the fat free mass hydration levels. It shows that even a 5% variation in fat free mass hydration can cause a difference of the 3% in body fat results.

So apparently, these DEXA scan machines assume that the non bone and non fat lean tissue mass has a constant hydration level. So instead, I found that a group of people who dehydrated themselves got different levels from the day after when they were completely hydrated. A study done in the University of Hospital in Italy actually found that 90 percent of all the scans had at least one error. But what they do show is that a DEXA scan is actually very, very accurate. But maybe not as accurate as people think. They are to me personally, these numbers do not matter too much. What I feel works best for me is just working out hard, eating a clean diet. And just look at the results in the mirror. So if somebody you know thinks they know everything about body fat percentages, send them this video.

Thank you so much for watching these Body Fat Percentage Pictures. Don’t forget to tell you the notification belt and the subscribe button right next to it because there will be a lot more awesome content coming your way very, very soon. Anyways, don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what you think your body fat percentage is. anyways I’ll see you very soon. Peace out.

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– Jon Venus

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My Complete Ab Workout – Rob Riches

British-born cover model, Rob Riches, shows his complete six pack workout to target the entire abdominal section.

The next step up to being able to engage and really develop our lower abdominal structure is to add some gravity. So basically, what is the same as the lying leg raise. I’ve got a height adjustable bench here. Head up at the top, and get my hips down here. Legs at the same movement but now I have a wider range of motion.

I really have to engage, work the lower abs. The same principles apply. Tempo: we’re keeping momentum out of the equation. Here we’re focusing on that deep breathing and contracting out up at the end.

Secondly, form and technique: both my knees and my arm position are fixed. The only parts that are really moving are my hips and the lower abdominals. Think of it like a almost in a cocoon, fetal position. Elbows up on my temple. That keeps my arms fixed and keeps the abdominal muscles, down here, constantly tense which helps add to the intensity of the exercise.

Breathing, again, exhaling as you come up. I really can’t stress the importance, especially as you step up the advancement level, breathing has in actually engaging the abdominals, helping you increase that muscular contraction. Fifteen to thirty reps on here and if you need to take a short break, five seconds, back on and try and complete at least two if not five more reps after that.

Alright, let’s move on now hit the lower and side obliques. Next exercise is the high cable wood chop. This is a classic favorite of mine. And adding that resistance taking it through a constant range of motion really keeps maximal contraction on these internal external obliques, the V sectional apps that we really work by rotating the core. So this is a step up from I think the seated medicine ball rotation where we have a fixed object moving it around the core. This time, again, we’re fixed but we have this constant resistance that’s always the same. Basically, we have no sticking point, which means it’s a lot more fluid, so keeping those muscles engaged.

Okay, the outer arm goes on last. Arms bent. I’ve got a moderate weight on here; it’s not too heavy because really it’s my obliques doing the work and nothing else. Love this exercise. But really, developing the side obliques, I don’t use too much weight. So I focus back on the breathing and the technique and form. Keep my arms as fixed as I can I’m not bending them. My arms aren’t doing this and I’m keeping my hips my waist as fixed as possible. I’m doing this movement which even without any weight as you can see the muscles happen to work. So when I combine breathing back I really get that deep contraction pulling my abdominals in. When you add some resistance like I have done here, that really helped improve their conditioning and helps you get that grainy effect, grainy gropey muscle effect, when you’re low body fat comes throug. That is read cardio and diet come in.

But you’ve got to have have the abdominal structure developed before that can be seen.

Now, I’ve worked one set of the obliques and that will work the opposite direction and switch the handle from high to low. Basically using the same weight but now I’ve got gravity going against me. So, outer hand over on the end same principles apply. Keeping the arms fixed and rotating around my waist. Keeping that fixed as I exhale. Focus on squeezing the muscle at the end. That means slight pause and a break in momentum.

By moving on from the rotational portion of this ab circuit I’m now going to take the cable, put it back up to the top and focus on some high cable pull downs to really start to engage in bringing my intercostals here. And with that slight rotation it’s another dynamic, another factor variable I’m changing in the ABS Orcutt to help increase the intensity and help further condition and train my abs.

It’s going to set up few modifications to this exercise. I’m going to remove the handle and take the weight up. Reasons for that I’m going to hold the ball here where it keeps my wrist elbow and shoulder all in line. Instead of having a handle to pull down on. I’m actually engaging more of my obliques this way. Secondly, because the height of this, if the handle were here I’m not getting full contraction or lengthening of my abs. So by taking the ball up to the top I can get that full range of movement and then about it. The weight increasing the intensity because now I’m only that’s really flexing my ABS. I’m not having to bring that weight outwards away from that gravity.

So same principles technique form breathing control you can see from this exercise just that shortness range of motion from here how much I’m moving I’m not coming all the way down here. The purpose of this exercise is not to flex your body to the side as much as you can it’s again that contraction. With that, breath out. And that slight rotation to get these abdominals. My shoulder is working. See if I would just go up and down engaging but not as much as that twist that elbow comes down and slightly backward. It’s kind of like you’re drawing a J backwards with your elbow. See these pulling. Oh so, if you want to focus on getting that V cut just around the top of the short line, this is a great exercise to be able to build up to and really get these lower muscles working.

Okay, on with the final exercise of this particular app circuit. And for that I’m going to head back over to the decline bench and start to pull in my upper abdominals combined with a lower section again. Now I’m going to bring gravity back into the mix for this final ab exercise of the AB circuit. The reason is now my lower abdominals have to work that much harder to contract and pull my body weight with my torso, shoulders up from that decline position. So I think shoulders and hips, whichever, is going to be lower means that particular portion lower abdominals if the hips are lower than the shoulders, upper abdominals, if the shoulders are lower than the hips.

So we’re just using this adjustable bench to manipulate which part is doing more work really does make a difference how high or low the shoulders are in relation to where the hips, and how the apps that happens contract money about 20 degrees lower than my hips there. Get that little extra movement now that my abs have to be stretched out that tiny bit farther as I go down. It means they’re having to work much harder than if I was just simply laying flat or adding resistance for that same movement. So there’s another tip instead of simply trying to add heavier weight through the exercise think about the range of motion.

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