Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Faster with These 3 Secrets

Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Faster with these simple secrets to fat loss. This system works to burn stubborn fat everywhere on your body.

What’s up guys? In today’s video we’re going to be going over three secrets to burn stubborn fat faster. People have stubborn fat in all kinds of places. But the most common spots are the belly, the thighs, the batwings, and the love handles.

Even though stubborn fat is a little harder to get rid of, you’re going to be more than prepared to deal with all your stubborn fat after watching this video.

First, let me just clarify that we can’t target fat burn. And no, this is not one of the secrets because most people already know this. You can’t choose a particular section or area of your body that you want to burn fat from. And you can’t target your belly so you can burn subborn belly fat faster than other fat sores. So even though you might have stubborn belly fat, there’s no way to do certain exercises that will decrease just your belly fat.

Fat loss happens across our whole body. So while you’re burning fat from your belly, you’re also going to be burning fat from your toes, your hands, your face, your whole body. So when we’re looking for a way to burn fat faster from a particular area of the body, we’re really looking for a way to burn fat faster across the whole body in general.

Deplete Your Glycogen Gas Tank

The first way that we’re going to be able to do this is by depleting our gas tank and keeping that gas tank really low. So your body has a gas tank. And instead of running off of gas, it runs off of mostly glycogen. Most people think that glycogen only comes from carbs, but the truth is that protein can also very easily be converted to glucose and stored away for later use.

When your gas tank is full of glycogen, your body will use the glycogen and spare your fat cells whenever it needs energy, whether that be energy for going about your regular day, or energy for completing your workout. Either way your body is going to prefer to use glucose. The only way that we’re going to get access to the fat cells is after the glycogen stores have already been depleted.

So if we can deplete the glycogen stores and keep them depleted, we can speed up the fat loss process. How do we deplete glycogen? Well, one very simple way is by not consuming too much glycogen to begin with. And again, protein, don’t forget can be converted into glycogen.

So I’m not necessarily advocating a low-carb diet here because low-carb diets are not the only way to burn through your glycogen stores and start burning fat. Low carb diets are, however, the fastest way to deplete that gas tank. Because during low carb diet, protein and amino acids won’t give you enough glucose to refill that tank. Once again though, keeping carbs low is not the only way to do this. You can burn fat a number of different ways, but the key is to maintain a negative calorie balance in order to use all the stored glucose and switch over to burning that stubborn fat.

Believe it or not, you can even do a pure carb diet where you have only carbohydrates and still burn through all the glycogen just by maintaining a large enough calorie deficit. I know this because I’ve done it on myself before. And I have a whole video about it.

So first of all you have to maintain a calorie deficit.

Anerobic Weight Training Helps Burn Stubborn Belly Fat Faster

Second of all you should incorporate some heavy weight training into your program. There is no better way to burn glucose than through anaerobic training. Anaerobic training involves exercises that require you to use primarily glycogen rather than oxygen for energy. Almost all weight training, as long as the weight is heavy enough, will be considered anaerobic in nature and will help you deplete your glycogen stores faster.

I recommend a bare minimum of 3 days a week of weight training. But with five days a week of weight training you’re obviously going to burn through a lot more of that glucose faster. So if your schedule allows you, try to do weight training more frequently. Remember, once that glucose is out of the way, that’s when you have direct access to your fat stores. That’s actually why ketogenic diets works so well for fat loss. They actually switch your body’s main source of fuel from glycogen over to ketones that come from fat.


The second thing that you want to do is fast. This is another excellent way to decrease glucose in your body and empty out the gas tank. But that’s not the only reason why fasting is so good for fat loss. Insulin is your fat storage hormone. To make it really simple, when your insulin levels are high it’s virtually impossible to burn stubborn belly fat faster. When insulin and blood sugar levels are low, glucagon is released to draw energy from your cells. So now, instead of shuttling glucose into your cells with insulin, glucagon will pull it from your cells. Glucagon and insulin are opposites. And you’re really only going to get one or the other. If insulin is high, glucagon is naturally low. And if glucagon is high, insulin is naturally low.

Again, to burn stubborn belly fat faster we want to try to keep our insulin levels low. And insulin levels don’t get much lower than when we’re gonna be fasting. The point is that fasting is one of the fastest and the best ways to keep your insulin levels really low. Also, when you fast, usually it’s a lot easier to maintain a calorie deficit throughout the day because you’re not eating calories for a whole portion of the day, unless you’re the type of person that overeats big-time. When you’re hungry, then that could be a problem.

Fasting should help you maintain a calorie deficit, ultimately helping you empty that gas tank faster.

Increase Muscle Mass

The last thing you can do to burn stubborn belly fat faster is increased muscle mass. You might be thinking, how’s muscle mass gonna help me burn more stubborn fat? Well, in humans, glycogen is made and stored mostly in the cells of your liver and your body’s muscle tissue. Even though you can’t really change the amount of glycogen that you’re gonna be storing in your liver, you can increase the amount that you store in your muscles by building more muscle.

There’s something that you might have heard of known as spillover. It”s when you overfill your gas tank with too much glucose and there’s no more room to store the glucose in your liver or your skeletal muscle tissue. The result is spillover. In this process, insulin is used to store the extra glucose into your fat cells. By having more muscle mass, your body will be able to use more glucose. That goes without mentioning the fact that you’re going to be emptying and refilling that glucose all the time by working out and then eating. People that don’t do weight training, or even worse, people that don’t work out at all, they’re never emptying out that gas tank. They just keep filling it up.

What happens when you keep filling an already full gas tank? Spillover. That spillover will just lead to a vicious cycle of regaining that stubborn fat.

So, building more muscle mass will increase the amount of glucose that your muscles can use. And the weight training that you’re going to be doing to build up that muscle mass will constantly be depleting that gas tank, allowing you to burn stubborn fat as long as your diet isn’t high in glucose that you’re using to refill that tank.


So again, just to recap, number one you want to empty out your gas tank by maintaining a calorie deficit and by doing a weight training program consistently. Number two, you want to fast in order to drop insulin levels to their lowest point to allow your body to draw energy from fat stores using glucagon. And the third tip is to increase muscle mass throughout your body so you can avoid spillover.

That’s it guys. I really hope this video has helped you burn stubborn belly fat faster. If you enjoyed it make sure you subscribe to this channel and visit my website, gravity transformation com where you get much more than just another workout and diet plan. Xee you guys soon.

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Flat Stomach So I Can See My Six Pack Abs?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Flat Stomach? Most people have no idea how long it takes to actually see their six pack abs. Here is the formula. It you are wondering how long does it take to get a flat stomach so you can see your abs, then this video is for you. Because in it I’m going to provide you a complete formula that you can use to determine how long it’s going to be before you see your six-pack.

Hey everybody, how y’all doing, Peter Carvel here from six-pack factor.com. Now this week’s question comes from Stephen in the UK. And here is Peter’s question. Do you have a formula that I can use to determine how long does it take to get a flat stomach so I can see my abs? I’ve been seeing great progress. I’ve been losing fat, but I just want to have an indication of how much longer it will take.

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do in today’s video. We’re going to talk about what it actually takes to get six-pack abs. And then I’m going to show you the formula that you can use to determine how quickly you can get six-pack abs. And then if you still have no idea how to get started, at the end of the day’s video I’m going to provide you of a free solution that you can start using today to get closer to getting six pack abs ASAP.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Flat Stomach

So, what do you actually need to get six-pack ABS? Well, you need a low enough body fat percentage and you need to have well-developed ads. And that isn’t that difficult to actually achieve guys, if you follow a proper program.

But we’ll talk more about that in a second. To actually use the formula I’m going to show you in a second, to determine how quickly you can get six-pack abs, you need to know three things:

  1. How low your body fat percentage actually needs to be before you get a flat stomach so you will see your six-pack.
  2. How quickly can you actually lose body fat?
  3. What is your current body fat percentage?

Just How Long Does It Take to Get a Flat Stomach?

What is Your Target Body Fat Percentage

So let’s get going with the first one. How low does your body fat percentage need to be before you’ll see your six-pack? Well for guys, it’s anything between 10 and 7. At 10 you’ll start seeing it, and at 7 it will be really visible and a really well defined six-pack. And for females, it will be anything between 20 and 15. Once again, at 15 it will look really good, and at 20 you’ll start seeing it. One word of caution for females, anything below 15 it can become unhealthy. So a word of caution. Don’t go that low; you don’t need to go that low to see your six-pack and to have a great looking body.

How Fast Can You Lose Body Fat

So, number two: how quickly can you lose body fat? Well this is obviously a massive, controversial topic. So you know that I used to look like this. I got myself into shape and got my six-pack abs. And I’ve kept it off for over 10 years. Over the last seven years, I’ve been lucky enough to help hundreds and thousands of people to also get six-pack ABS right there at home. So I’m telling you that, not to brag, but that the information I’m going to share with you right now is based on real-world and real-life examples.

So I know for a fact, because I did it, that you can lose 1% body fat per week if you are really focused and really dedicated, without starving yourself and without taking fat burners for breakfast lunch and dinner. Just simply following a proper program and being very dedicated to that program. I’ve also seen some of my clients doing one percent body fat per week over a six week period. But guys, on average I have seen anything between point two and point six percent body fat per week that people can lose. That is average. So that is what you should work on. And always remember, we’re all individuals, okay. You can have five of the exact same guys here, same height, same age, following the exact same program, and they will all lose fat at a different rate. So don’t compare yourself to anybody. Focus on progress and just make sure that every week you pushing closer to your goal. As long as you do that you are doing fine.

What Weight Are You Losing?

Just one word here as well, and people actually telling you you need to focus on losing weight slowly, or you need to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week, and no faster. Well the problem with weight is that you can lose water weight, muscle, and many kind of things. We want to focus, if you want to expect abs, I’m losing actual fat. So I would say focus either on getting a body fat measurement done on a weekly basis or sometimes progress photos can provide an even better indication than the scale, for example, and whether you are getting closer to your goal and losing body fat.

Formula That Answers the Question: How Long Does It Take to Get a Flat Stomach?

So guys, now you know what you need to get down to. Now you know how fast you can lose your body fat. Now you need to determine what your actual own body fat is.

Weeks to see your six-pack = (Current BF% – 7 )  x  0.5

So for example, and let’s go through the formula now. For example, let’s say you a guy you had 13 percent body fat, and you want to get down to 7. So that’s six percent body fat that you want to get rid of. Let’s work on average of losing 0.5 percent body fat per week. That gets us to 12 weeks it will take you to get down to 7 percent and see your six-pack abs. So, that’s the simple formula guys. You simply take where you are right now as far as your body fat, subtract seven, okay. And if you’re female subtract 15. And then multiply that by 0.5.

So that is a guideline guys. Remember, like I’ve said, we will all lose fat at a different rate. We all start at different places. And your metabolism is different. Our genetics are different. The hormone profile is different. And all those things can play a role. So simply use this as a guideline and something to work towards.

But guys, that’s how simple it is to get an indication of how quickly you can get six-pack abs. And then one final thing, guys, if you do get down to 7% for guys and 15% for females and you don’t see your abs, or your stomach is just flat, that simply means that you need to focus on developing your abs a little bit more. And you need to focus on the program. It will help you build your abdominal muscles.

Now for those people who still have no idea where to get started, or what to do, guys. I’ve set up a brand-new and 100% free challenge for you to come and do. It’s only workouts but at least you’ll start understanding the kind of workouts that you need to do to lose your belly fat and start getting six-pack abs. And you can go to six week six-pack comm forge last 21-day challenge and sign up. They’re 100% free of charge.

So there you go, guys. You know know “How Long Does It Take to Get a Flat Stomach?”

If you like this video click on the like button. Please subscribe and let’s have a chat. Let me know where you are right now and where you’d like to get down to. And then it’s time to take action, get focus, and push hard towards reaching that goal of yours of getting six-pack ABS.

So, there you have it. Thank you so much for watching. Until the next one keep it simple and have fun out there. Bye, bye.

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How to Burn the Most Fat So You Can See Your Abs

How to Burn the Most Fat So You Can See Your Abs! Want to lose belly fat to see your abs? You must become a fat burner. Here is the key to becoming a fat burner, losing weight, especially abdominal fat.

In this video we’re going to talk about how to burn fat, a very important topic, but a big problem simply because pretty much all the mainstream recommendations for burning fat are completely outdated. In fact, look at the statistics in America: only 2% of the population ever is successful at burning fat, in achieving their weight-loss goals.

An average female spent 17 years dieting. So what does that tell you? They’re operating off of incorrect information.

What I’m going to tell you is based on fact, physiology books, how the body works. There are two main fuel sources in the body. Okay, you have fat and you have stored sugar. There is a third one called muscle, but I’m not going to get into that because you have to be very very sick for your body to start using muscle protein as a fuel source.

We’re going to talk about the two main ones which are fat and sugar. In other words, your body can store sugar (the name of that’s called glycogen) in your liver and your muscles. And that can released in between times where you’re not eating. Okay. Or it can go after the fat.

So the way it works, our fat burning hormones based on what you eat and what you do trigger the fat, and then to release certain enzymes to dissolve that fat, called lipase enzymes. These enzymes that break fats down into ketones. Ketones are the byproduct of fat metabolism and your body can run on these very efficiently, way better actually it’s a better fuel source, it’s a cleaner fuel source. Your body can run on this; even your brain can run on ketones.

Now fat making hormones trigger the storage of sugar and the conversion of the sugar into fat. So that’s how that works. The great majority of people are only burning sugar which is glucose. They’re not burning fat. What occurs is they will lose some temporary water weight and they hit a plateau, thinking that’s actual fat. But if they never actually burn fat, and I can prove that because I have a machine that measures how much fact someone burns, and you can very easily see they lose water weight, and then they plateau.

Insulin has the Strength to Prevent Fat Burning

So, the great majority people burn sugar. They’re not actually burning fat. So in this next section I’m going to tell you about the single control factor that determines whether you’re burning fat or whether you’re burning sugar.

So here it is: the number one controller of whether you burn actual fat or whether you’re burning sugar is this one hormone called insulin. So insulin, even in small amounts, has the strength, the domination, to prevent you from tapping into your fat reserve. So here’s a little graph on how much insulin, or let’s just say when I talk about insulin I’m going to talk about sugar, because sugar triggers insulin. So I could easily say the number one control of whether you burn fat is sugar, or hidden sugars. But I’m just going to call insulin sugar right now. So that sugar is high, let’s say it’s high sugar right here, or high insulin. You’re not going to be able to burn fat.

Your body is running on sugar. So let’s say you eat moderately. Because someone said everything in moderation, you know it still won’t work because insulin has to be zero, or sugar has to be zero, to tap into ketones which are is the byproduct of fat burning, which is ketosis. So in other words, it’s not a graph that’s a gradual graph. You have to make insulin, or so we say sugar, zero before you can burn fat.

Ketosis is Needed to Burn Fat

So now we’re going to talk about this thing called ketosis. Ketosis is what we want to get into. And you may hear some negative things about ketosis because it relates to diabetes. But we’re talking about doing ketosis in a very healthy way. Okay, ketosis is the healthiest thing to do for your blood sugars, for your heart, for your brain, and other conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome. Really, really important because, think about that condition, persons are usually always insulin resistant. And if they go on this diet they see great improvements. Okay, so we want to get the person in ketosis.

To get in ketosis usually does not happen overnight. It’s easy to tap into the sugar reserve because all you have to do is eat sugar but to get into ketosis it can sometimes take way more than two days. It could take a week, to two weeks, up to a month, and maybe in some situations five or even six weeks before you’re really hardcore into fat burning. Now why is that? Because you’ve been living on sugar your whole life and your system is so inefficient and so used to burning sugar.

You Must be Keto Adapted

To convert over it’s called a keto adaptation. So you’re adapting to burning fat just takes a little bit longer. Don’t worry about it because you can see ketones in your urine within a few days. But the point is, you want to stick with it a little longer. And I think what discourages a lot of people is they think they’re going to burn fat in a day or two. And they get discouraged, and they stop when in fact to adapt your body into a fat-burning it could take up to a month, to possibly six weeks in very extreme cases.

I’m telling you that because it might happen in a week, or maybe a little longer than a week. But just hang in there and stick with it because it will happen. And your body will be burning fat. And a lot of problems will actually go away.

What You Should Eat to See Your Abs

So now let’s talk about what foods that you have to eat to get into ketosis. OK, so here’s here’s what you need to eat. Number one you want to keep your carbohydrates within 5 to 10 percent of the entire amount of calories that you eat in a given day. Now the type of carbohydrates we’re going to recommend are vegetable in nature. So why vegetable even though they have a small amount of carbohydrate? They have a lot of vitamins and minerals that you’re not going to get with protein or fat. So we do want the vegetable carbohydrates here in a good amount. Okay, but the net sugars from that is going to be very, very, very low. If anything, at all.

Okay. 25% of your diet should come in the form of protein. This thing that I’m telling you is not the Atkins diet. Atkins is a lot of protein. Our body is not made out of carbohydrate. Some of her body is protein, but a lot of our body is made out of fat.

And that’s the third one right here. 65 to 80 percent of your calories should be in the form of fat. Now before you freak out, realize that I actually have been in ketosis for quite a while. And I have a lot of clients that also have been in ketosis. And it’s a very healthy thing to do because you feel so good. But, fat is good. It’s going to be in the form of healthy fats. And it’s not going to be absolutely deep-fried, you know anything.

So we want the carbohydrates vegetable, we want the protein so that would kind of come out to about, let’s say, about four to five, maybe six ounces of protein with each meal. Okay. But see most protein comes with fat. So a lot of your protein source actually comes from fat as well. But you do not want to consume the lean proteins, and that is because you need that fat to get your body into ketosis. Eskimos consume blubber and they actually are in a state of ketosis. And they can actually, a lot of them, actually have zero heart problems at all.

And if you’re concerned about increasing your cholesterol, realize this your body makes 2,000 milligrams of cholesterol every single day. Why would your body make that much cholesterol if it didn’t need it? So when you consume more cholesterol or fat your body just makes less. That’s how it works. You need this cholesterol to build the surrounding around on your cells. You need its raw material to build up your hormones, especially stress hormone. So you need it for the lens of the eye and even the brain. A lot of cholesterol is in our brain to help the nerve connectivity.

So your body adapts to that. So we need a lot of it, I mean like one egg would be 300 milligrams. So you have to have like 40 eggs to equal what your body makes every single day. But it adapts, so you eat less your body makes more. You eat more, the body makes less.

So now, 65 to 80 percent of your body should be in the form of fat, so that is the formula To get someone in fat burning. One time in high school I was a wrestler and I tried to gain weight. And so when I did is I decided, well of course, if I wanna gain weight I have to eat fatty foods. I started losing weight the more fat that I ate. And that kind of confused me until later when I got into the physiology of it. I found out that consuming fat is neutral with insulin. Eating fat does not trigger insulin.

Eat to Keep Insulin Very Low

Insulin is the key thing that must be zero. Because once you get your body into fat-burning by doing this, all it’s going to take is a little bit of sugar to totally throw you out of ketosis. Once your body is adapted to it. But you’ll feel much better with your energy, with your cardiovascular, with your endurance. And if you add exercise on top of this, oh my gosh, it’s going to be huge. A lot of professional athletes are going into this as well because they have a lot better performance. And a lot of credible medical doctors are even recommending this as well. So it’s a it’s a new thing. And you know it’s true because it’s the exact opposite of what mainstream is telling you to do. They’re saying have 60% of your diet carbohydrates and have only 5 to 10 percent fat and protein the same. So you know it’s correct. So if you just did the opposite of what everyone tells you to do you’ll come out on top.

If you want to know the specifics of what exact types of fats that you should have and what combinations and some ideas of maybe some snacks click the link below and you can download a page of what to eat and how to do this correctly all right so I hope you enjoy this and I will see you in the next video.

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