Hack to 6-Pack Abs: Cardio, Weight, Diet

Here is the hack to 6-pack abs. Everybody wants abs, but few people know how to get abs.

The fact is you can just crunch your way to abs. You can’t just do cardio to see your abs. You can’t go on a diet to limit your calories to get abs. And don’t relay on fat loss pills as the ultimate solution.

No, the hack to 6-pack abs involves a combination of tactics that work together to develop and display your abs. Here are the keys to that combination.

If you clicked on this video you are one step closer to getting those shredded ABS: six-pack ABS, 4 pack abs, 8 pack abs. Whatever pack that you’re looking for. I’m going to show you how to get them.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs

Now there’s four simple things that I want you to avoid if you want to be successful at this.

  1. You need to avoid those infomercial commercials that tell you to go out and purchase a $300 AB machine.
  2. You need to avoid starvation diets which are the diets that require you to eat nothing.
  3. You need to avoid fat loss pills. You’ll find them everywhere.
  4. And you also need to avoid doing a thousand crunches.

Now I know a lot of you are wondering, why do certain people have 8 pack abs, and why do some people want to have 4 pack abs? The answer to it is genetics. Some people are genetically gifted and are able to develop those 8 pack abs, or able to develop six pack abs, and 4 pack abs. Genetics also determines the alignment of your abs. You might not have six boxes equally lined up. Some people aren’t like that. Some people might have alternating abs. Got a box right here, box right here. Some other than that.

It’s all about genetics. So go ahead go talk to your parents. Thank them for whatever abs that you come up with. But it’s all based off of them, your genetics.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs: Ab Exercises

Now when I said earlier, I say to avoid a thousand crunches. It’s okay to do crunches here and there. But, what I really mean is, crunches is not the best exercise to develop a good abdominal appearance. You want to hit the obliques. You want to hit the lower abs and the upper abs.

Now, for the upper abs. Instead of doing rather crunches, why don’t you jump on the cables and do some cable crunches? Also, for the lower abs, try some hanging leg raises. And for the obliques, why don’t you try Russian twist.

Go to Google. You can research all type of abdominal exercises other than the crunch. Don’t make the crunch your main abdominal exercise.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs: Clean Diet

Fix Your Diet
Fix Your Diet

Fix your diet. If you want abs, you gotta fix your diet. Abs will be determined off of what you eat. A good portion of how abs are developed is how you eat.

You will hear a lot of people say, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” Now, they aren’t really saying you go in the kitchen you make some ABS. What they’re saying is abs are playing off what you eat. If you that nice cleaning diet, those ABS will eventually show, mainly because your body fat percentage will continue to drop.

You will lose some weight, and that’s all about what you do the kitchen. You can’t stuff your face with fast food seven days a week and expect to see ABS, you got to have a clean diet. You got to clean it up.

Abs are Revealed in the Kitchen

This is how I like to put it. Abs are made in the gym, but abs are revealed in the kitchen. So you go to the gym. You work on your abdominal exercises. And you make those ABS strong. You make those ABS pop.

But in order to make those abs visible, you have to eat right. You got to get in that kitchen and reveal them. Everybody has a 6-pack. Everybody may not have a 6-pack. But everybody has some kind of pack: four, six, or eight. And that’s underneath all that domino effect. So you got to get rid of that fat. So doing a thousand crunches is only gonna make those abs strong underneath all that fat. But you got to remove the fat in order to see it, to see those abs. Therefore, you gotta clean up your diet.

Count Macronutrients

My approach is counting my macros. Macros, meaning you have to have a certain amount of fat, certain amount of carbs, and a certain amount of protein. And that to me is the best way to get those abs to show.

Track what you eat. Track what you’re putting in your body. If you don’t track what you need, nine times out of ten you’ll be eating too much of something. It’s never really too much of protein. But, it can’t be too less of protein. It is normally, for most people with too much fat and too many carbs. They don’t realize it. But if you just sit back, track one day of what you eat regularly, you’ll probably notice a lot of fat that you intake from the food that you eat. And the most good foods, the foods that we all love, contain a lot of carbs and a lot of fat.

Watch Out for Carbs and Fats

To me, those are the two main macronutrients that affect your leanness. You affect your body fat. So you need to track how many carbs you take intake. You track how much fat you’re intaking. Most people don’t need to go beyond 60 grams of fat. And there’s a lot of people who can consume 400 or 500 carbs a day and be lean as crap. But hey, that’s back to those genetics. Everybody is different. Everybody’s body is different.

So you can’t base your life off of what somebody else does. You may only be able to take in 100. But now I’m talking about macros. I’m gonna say that for another video. I’m mainly talking about abs, and in order to reveal those abs you need to start tracking what you eat.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs: Cardio to Burn Fat

Cardio photoCardio is important if you’re trying to lower that body fat. That’s just my opinion. And when I state cardio, I’m not saying on the treadmill 2 or 3 hours a day. The cardio I’m speaking up as high intensity cardio. High intensity cardio is a good way to burn fat. And it’s a good way to get lean. So those ads are going to eventually show from doing that high intensity cardio. And you can do high intensity cardio three to four times a week. Maybe even 2 to 3 depending on your body, depending on how you feel. But eventually those abs will show from their high intensity cardio.

Now, you’re probably watching this video, like who is this guy? This guy doesn’t know anything about abs and eating and fitness and all that crap.

I actually know a great deal of it. And I’ve actually experienced the bad end and the good end. And that’s why I’m able to tell you how to do it, give you a better way of how to do it, versus doing what I did to make those mistakes.

If you see this picture right here, this is me, probably two to three years ago, give or take nothing but cardio. I put the weights down, I said you know what, to get this I need these ABS to show, man. I need these ABS. I’m gonna bust out two or three hours of cardio every single day. And this is where I did a high intensity cardio, low intensity cardio. I was on an elliptical for hour.

Don’t Do it Wrong

I was doing high intensity cardio. I was jumping in that sauna. I was determined to get those after-show. And I heard cardio was the way to go. Guys, that’s wrong. I’m in, as you see, I was frail as hell and had no ABS. My diet wasn’t on point. I thought it was. I was eating nothing but tuna and yogurt. That was wrong. And I got no benefits from it.

I came home from school and my sister thought I was on drugs because I was so skinny. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Not the way to do it. Please do not follow my footsteps. I recommend you to pick the weights up, do cardio. Don’t do too much cardio. But do enough cardio. And you can do three days a week doing some cardio. But lifting weights is key. Abs are your core. This is ABS core. All your core you got to strengthen your core. You got to get your core strong. And weight lifting is how you get your core strong. You got to deadlift; you got your overhead pressing; you got your squats; you got your bench.

There’s a lot of exercises, big lifts, like that, power lifting. Basically, that will help you strengthen up that core. Then you have a lot of core exercises, as well. So I advise you to Google them. Look into it. But they will all help build up your core. You will see a lot of body builders, they don’t even have, they don’t even work there abdominal muscles because they they work the core so hard with those strong movements that it develops itself. Basically, I know, I don’t know if that made sense.

Lifting weights helps you to develop those abs, so do a certain amount of cardio. Make sure you always hit in the weights. And make sure you clean your diet. That’s three main things right there.

Hack to 6-Pack Abs

Let me repeat this hack to 6-pack abs: cardio, weight training, and diet. And by diet I mean counting those macros.

This is me doing prep. Me doing prep, shredded, looking good. I wasn’t feeling too good only because I wasn’t tracking macros. I was definitely one all bro diet. And I was eating nothing but fish, chicken, asparagus, green beans, stuff like that. I mean, that’s all go foods, all good bro foods you got to get him in. And I had a clean diet. And that’s why I was so shredded. But I didn’t feel that good.

Personal Example

This is me, not too long, a little, probably a few weeks ago, counting macros, doing minimum cardio. Still was throwing in cardio about two times a week. Six times a week I was on those weights, lifting heavy. Keep doing a strength. And as you clicked on this video you thought it was real secret to it. But the secret was clean diet, cardio, and weight training. That’s the secret to abs. And that’s the only way you will get those abs.

That about wraps up this video. I hope this was helpful. Remember, those three keys to six-pack ABS: cardio, weight training, and diet. Count your macros, lift some heavy weight, and do some high intensity cardio. You will have shredded ABS. You will have a four pack, six pack, or eight pack. What, it’s all up to you.

Hope this hack to 6-pack abs was helpful. Like this video. Comment on this video. Subscribe to this channel. I will give you more tips. And share this video. Tell your friends, let them know how to get some abs. Everybody wants abs. Let’s be honest but not all of us know how. Thank you for watching. More to come soon.

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My Complete Ab Workout – Rob Riches

British-born cover model, Rob Riches, shows his complete six pack workout to target the entire abdominal section.

The next step up to being able to engage and really develop our lower abdominal structure is to add some gravity. So basically, what is the same as the lying leg raise. I’ve got a height adjustable bench here. Head up at the top, and get my hips down here. Legs at the same movement but now I have a wider range of motion.

I really have to engage, work the lower abs. The same principles apply. Tempo: we’re keeping momentum out of the equation. Here we’re focusing on that deep breathing and contracting out up at the end.

Secondly, form and technique: both my knees and my arm position are fixed. The only parts that are really moving are my hips and the lower abdominals. Think of it like a almost in a cocoon, fetal position. Elbows up on my temple. That keeps my arms fixed and keeps the abdominal muscles, down here, constantly tense which helps add to the intensity of the exercise.

Breathing, again, exhaling as you come up. I really can’t stress the importance, especially as you step up the advancement level, breathing has in actually engaging the abdominals, helping you increase that muscular contraction. Fifteen to thirty reps on here and if you need to take a short break, five seconds, back on and try and complete at least two if not five more reps after that.

Alright, let’s move on now hit the lower and side obliques. Next exercise is the high cable wood chop. This is a classic favorite of mine. And adding that resistance taking it through a constant range of motion really keeps maximal contraction on these internal external obliques, the V sectional apps that we really work by rotating the core. So this is a step up from I think the seated medicine ball rotation where we have a fixed object moving it around the core. This time, again, we’re fixed but we have this constant resistance that’s always the same. Basically, we have no sticking point, which means it’s a lot more fluid, so keeping those muscles engaged.

Okay, the outer arm goes on last. Arms bent. I’ve got a moderate weight on here; it’s not too heavy because really it’s my obliques doing the work and nothing else. Love this exercise. But really, developing the side obliques, I don’t use too much weight. So I focus back on the breathing and the technique and form. Keep my arms as fixed as I can I’m not bending them. My arms aren’t doing this and I’m keeping my hips my waist as fixed as possible. I’m doing this movement which even without any weight as you can see the muscles happen to work. So when I combine breathing back I really get that deep contraction pulling my abdominals in. When you add some resistance like I have done here, that really helped improve their conditioning and helps you get that grainy effect, grainy gropey muscle effect, when you’re low body fat comes throug. That is read cardio and diet come in.

But you’ve got to have have the abdominal structure developed before that can be seen.

Now, I’ve worked one set of the obliques and that will work the opposite direction and switch the handle from high to low. Basically using the same weight but now I’ve got gravity going against me. So, outer hand over on the end same principles apply. Keeping the arms fixed and rotating around my waist. Keeping that fixed as I exhale. Focus on squeezing the muscle at the end. That means slight pause and a break in momentum.

By moving on from the rotational portion of this ab circuit I’m now going to take the cable, put it back up to the top and focus on some high cable pull downs to really start to engage in bringing my intercostals here. And with that slight rotation it’s another dynamic, another factor variable I’m changing in the ABS Orcutt to help increase the intensity and help further condition and train my abs.

It’s going to set up few modifications to this exercise. I’m going to remove the handle and take the weight up. Reasons for that I’m going to hold the ball here where it keeps my wrist elbow and shoulder all in line. Instead of having a handle to pull down on. I’m actually engaging more of my obliques this way. Secondly, because the height of this, if the handle were here I’m not getting full contraction or lengthening of my abs. So by taking the ball up to the top I can get that full range of movement and then about it. The weight increasing the intensity because now I’m only that’s really flexing my ABS. I’m not having to bring that weight outwards away from that gravity.

So same principles technique form breathing control you can see from this exercise just that shortness range of motion from here how much I’m moving I’m not coming all the way down here. The purpose of this exercise is not to flex your body to the side as much as you can it’s again that contraction. With that, breath out. And that slight rotation to get these abdominals. My shoulder is working. See if I would just go up and down engaging but not as much as that twist that elbow comes down and slightly backward. It’s kind of like you’re drawing a J backwards with your elbow. See these pulling. Oh so, if you want to focus on getting that V cut just around the top of the short line, this is a great exercise to be able to build up to and really get these lower muscles working.

Okay, on with the final exercise of this particular app circuit. And for that I’m going to head back over to the decline bench and start to pull in my upper abdominals combined with a lower section again. Now I’m going to bring gravity back into the mix for this final ab exercise of the AB circuit. The reason is now my lower abdominals have to work that much harder to contract and pull my body weight with my torso, shoulders up from that decline position. So I think shoulders and hips, whichever, is going to be lower means that particular portion lower abdominals if the hips are lower than the shoulders, upper abdominals, if the shoulders are lower than the hips.

So we’re just using this adjustable bench to manipulate which part is doing more work really does make a difference how high or low the shoulders are in relation to where the hips, and how the apps that happens contract money about 20 degrees lower than my hips there. Get that little extra movement now that my abs have to be stretched out that tiny bit farther as I go down. It means they’re having to work much harder than if I was just simply laying flat or adding resistance for that same movement. So there’s another tip instead of simply trying to add heavier weight through the exercise think about the range of motion.

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