Ab Exercise To Burn Fat Fast Using Weights

What’s the best ab exercise to burn fat fast? These top 3 ab exercises burn fat and build your abs. Exactly what’s required to get your well defined abs to show.

What’s going on six-pack ABS? Its Thomas de Lauer, your lead nutritionist and lean trainer here. And today I want to give you some different ways to train your abs with weight.

You see, a lot of times we think that we just have to be doing crunches forever and ever and ever to get our abs to pop through. The reality is, when we’re doing that we are seeing the ABS because we’re getting some neural activation, and we’re seeing the ABS because, quite honestly, if we’re to cardio by doing thousands of sit-ups and that cardio is probably burning some fat, So, sure you’re gonna see your abs. But you have to treat your abs just like every other muscle.

That doesn’t mean that you need to go train them in a four six repetition range and go for this craziness. But, you do need to get them under some load. You do need to get this under some weight so that they can actually have some time under tension. So I want to show you three of my favorite weighted ab exercises. Nothing crazy. Simple things that you can do at home with little 5-10 pound dumbbells. A little bit of weight goes the long way. And you don’t want to be loading your spine with a lot of weight anyway.

Modified Cable Crunch Ab Exercise

So let’s start with an ab exercise that you probably know of which is gonna be just a regular old good old-fashioned cable crunch. Okay, this is something that you see the gym, but might not be something you can do at home. But you can modify it. I’ll show you how.

Okay, so what I’m gonna do when I do a cable crunch iS get myself far enough back so I’m not, I don’t want to be crunched in. Because what I don’t want to do when I do a cable crunch is be supertight where I have to slide sliding my butt back. I wanna be far enough back. But when I’m at the top of the motion, I’m duching in and tuck underneath.

I want the motion, but I couldn’t down. I want my elbows to come along the plane of the floor. So see how they’re like moving like that so that I’ve come up elbows are traveling along the floor and I’m curling in. Yet not this. If I do this it’s really hard on the back. i want to be far enough back so I get that stretch slide the elbows you on the floor. And you want a hinge right at the bottom. Boom. So you get halfway down, hinge halfway down. So that’s how you shouldn’t doing those when you’re in the gym.


Now the thing is is you could modify this ab exercise. You can do it with any kind of resistance band or anything like that. There’s actually a way that you get a similar motion by doing it with a simple plate. So we’re gonna do this this is we’re gonna hop on the ground.

One thing that’s really important when you do any kind of weighted sit up at all is, you don’t want to be having your feet off the ground the whole time. So that’s going to end up doing is to make it so that you’re really engaging your back way more. And you’re tilting yourself back. You’re going to have an awkward motion here because you’re going to have extra weight out of it. So you want to make sure your feet are planted and you want to hold this place down. It’s far back. And you hold the weight back, almost behind your neck, Behind your head if you put up on in your head you’re going to do this; that’s that’s working your neck.

One baby hold it for the back and then fringe up that small little crunch we’re hitting the back. The exact same way but you don’t want to coming down if you come down all the way again. You’re meeting that thoracic region so hold hold this plate along your back. And you have just enough resistance to get what you need it may not look the same as that cable app, but it is okay.

Weighted Side Oblique Crunches Ab Exercise

Now this next ab exercise is a variation of one that I’ve shown you before. So an ab move that I’ve shown you before, for the obliques. Here’s when you get on your side, and you’re hitting your abs like this. Okay. You’re basically leaning on your forearm. Oh, we can do the same thing by taking a plate and holding it behind our head like this. Same thing except I’m just looping it through. If you have one that has a loop like this, it makes it really easy.

You can do this with a kettle bell; you can do it with a small dumbbell; anything like that. I”m just gonna hold it through the loop. And I want it right by my ear. Same thing.

I’m on my hip pocket, leaning on this arm, helping myself up a little bit. But I’m focusing on the negative. So what I mean by that, I help myself up in the movement ,then I release the pressure off of my arm, here, and I allow the weight to carry me down to the negative fashion. It’s like up and down. Up, let the weight carry me down, up, let the weight carry me down, up.

We’re basically letting the weight give us a negative distraction on the ABS. Which is a pretty powerful thing. And something that we obviously want to try getting in as much as we can. Don’t need to go super heavy; no need for you to grab a 25 pound plate and try to do that. It’s not gonna do you any good.

Windshield Wipers Ab Exercise

Okay now another one that I want to focus on is grabbing, we’ll grab this here. Absolutely do it home. You can do this with two dumbbells, or you can do it with a barbell. I’ll show you both.

These are called windshield wipers. Technically they an ab exercise because you are engaging, using the upper body level. In all, we’re going to do here is go from side to side. Boom. That’s the middle, that’s the side, middle, outer side. Another side, middle. Very straightforward movie.


Let me show you the other variation of this ab exercise where we do it with some kettle bells. Might be something that will be easier to do at home because you may not have barbells sitting around. Let’s go nice and light; let’s go the pink ones and I’ll show you a variation that you can do to make it a little more advanced dude. Same thing.

Pretend you’re holding a barbell, back but now since you actually have more motion this way you’re going to engage the Sartorius in the internal or external obliques. That works same thing okay. But what if I want to make it a little bit more advanced? Well, we do that the down side, side, middle, and crunch a punch. It’s a side, slide, middle in touch, side, side, middle.

Watch Your Back

And the reason they don’t recommend doing that with our back is because it can get difficult once you get that last little crunch up. And the last thing I want to have happen to you is you get tired you have that barbell come down on your face. At least with kettlebells or dumbbells you’re safe. You’re gonna fall this way if you do fall. Say a little bit more control.

Here are quick little ways for you to engage the ABS in a different way. Okay if something again when you’re activating a little bit more intensity and you’re getting a little bit more that sarcoplasmic reticulum, part of the muscle to actually contract at its fullest, you’re gonna get more muscle growth. If you get a little bit of muscle growth in the ABS, that’s what’s going to give you that pop that you want. It gives you that a little bit of the actual definition in your abs. And of course, I can’t say this enough times, if you really want your abs to shine through you have to get leaned.

Intermittent Fasting: The Fastest Way to Get Lean

What’s the fastest way of getting lean is intermittent fasting. So if you haven’t already make sure, you check out the link down in the description that goes to my intermittent fasting. For science-based expect which is now the world’s leading intermittent fasting course, that’s the quickest way to get your abs to the diet.

This is gonna be one of the quickest ways to get abs when it comes down to your training. So as always, make sure you’re keeping it locked in here on the channel with six-pack ABS calm and I’ll see you in the next video.

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