Lower Abs Workout at Home in 4 Minutes

Lower abs workout at home in 4 minutes will have your abs asking for rest. Great, effective workout for people with little time.

What’s going on guys? this is Vince with v shred com and today I’m going to be giving you guys a four minute lower ab workout.

all right. so, a quick lower abs workout only takes four minutes. Those of you who say that you don’t have time to hit ABS, you’re just making an excuse. Everybody has four minutes.

This is going to be targeting the lower abs. This is going to be exercising mostly the rectus abdominals, because rectus abdominals are the six-pack, that people what people call the six-pack. You have four different app regions in your muscle, or muscles in your abs. This lower abs workout is going to be targeting lower abs.

I give you three different exercises that we’re going to be going through. We’re gonna go 15 seconds of each exercises back to back, to back. Then a 15 second rest at the end. So we’re gonna basically doing 15 seconds of everything/ We’re gonna go four times through, and that’s gonna be it. So let’s go ahead and get into this.

Lower Abs Workout Set One

Reverse Crunch

The first exercise is going to be a reverse crunch. We’re going to go after that into a mountain climber. After that into a leg lift extension. 15 second rest. Four times. So let’s do it.

But, before I get into the first lower abs exercise, the lower reverse crunch, a lot of people think that reverse crunch starts down here and they crunch up just like that, and they think this is a reverse crunch. This is not a reverse crunch. This is just momentum, that’s all this is. Reverse crunch starts right here. You’re going to go from here. You’re gonna throw, or you’re gonna thrust your knees up to your chest, squeezing down your lower abs making sure your butt is coming up off of the ground. jJust like that. Back down to 90 degrees, and back up. That’s a reverse crunch.

So, let’s go ahead start this ab workout. And boom, reverse crunches. Again you want to make sure you’re not creating any kind of momentum. If you’re not going to be talking to the camera like I am, you’re going to try to breathe out when you do each crunch, driving those knees up. Stopping it parallel.

Mountain Climbers

Flipping over. 15 seconds mountain climbers. We all know amount climbers are. Don’t be lazy with these mountain climbers. Lazy mountain climbers are these right here. You want to make sure you are thrusting your knees forward, squeezing down on your lower abs, right there. And that’s gonna be it already.

Leg Lift Extensions

Flip over. Leg lifts extensions. You’re gonna bring your legs up. Extend up, but instead of bringing them all the way down here, you’re gonna stop right here. Extend right here, back up, extend. Really focusing on driving with your lower abs, squeezing down, breathing out with every single rep. And that’s already that. So I went over for a couple of seconds there. But I’m gonna go ahead and get back into this. Wasn’t very good with that timing. I’ll be better on this one.

Lower Abs Workout Set 2

Reverse Crunch

Reverse crunches. 15 seconds. Watch this time.

Mountain Climbers

I’m gonna get into mountain climbers next. Flip over. mountain climbers ,driving those knees up all the way almost as if your knee and yourself in the face, but don’t actually do that.

Leg Lift Extensions

Flip them back over leg lifts extensions. Drive those feet up to the ground, up to the ceiling. And rest.

Oh. OK. So your abs should be feeling this. If they’re not try to focus on your form a little bit better. Five more seconds of rest.

Lower Abs Workout Set 3

Get back into the reverse crunches. Already halfway done. Reverse crunches. Stop at a parallel, driving the knees up to your chest. Three, two, one.

Flip over. Mountain climbers. Drive those knees up. Don’t be lazy. Squeeze them down. Every single leg drive you should be squeezing on your abs. That’s it.

Flip over. Leg with the extension. And if your back butt’s on the mat, don’t get embarrassed. One more second. Oh wow. Last one.

Lower Abs Workout Set 4

Guys, quick workout but you should definitely be feeling it in your lower ab region. If you’re not, really start focusing on squeezing down on your lower abs and driving through them. Last one, reverse crunches. Next one up is going to be mountain climbers. In three, two, one.

Flip over. Mountain climbers. Drive those knees. Every single knee drive should be squeezing down. When you’re at two, one.

Flip over. Leg with the stanchions. Last exercise of the ab workout. Drive those feet up. Squeeze on those abs. And that doesn’t it guys. Oh! Go ahead and just stay right here for you guys. So that’s a quick four minute lower ab workout.

That was a great lower abs workout at home!

Any Questions?

Whenever I post these, stand up, whenever I post these follow-along workouts I always get a lot of questions in the comment sections about how often you should do them. And that really comes down to how conditioned your abs are, and how used to doing ab workouts they are. If you are not really getting sore from an ab workout like, this you can do it pretty much every single day.

Avoid Over training

Your abs are a very small muscle group so they recover significantly faster than, let’s say, your chest or your back, especially your legs. Those are large muscle groups that take a lot more time to recover. And if you don’t give them that time, they never do recover. And you get into that stage of over training.

Your abs, it’s kind of hard to get into that stage of over training because they are so small. So I always say if your abs aren’t sore you can pretty much train them. So I would start out by doing this ab workout by two, three times a week, maybe every other day. And then also remembering to switch up the ab workouts. That way you are continuously shocking your muscles, confusing them, working different fibers. Because just like any other muscle in your body, your abs are a muscle that have fibers that need worked and need worked in different angles, need worked with different weight, different rep ranges, different rest times.

Variety of Lower Abs Workouts

So try out a bunch of different ab workouts. If you guys are looking for a full body program that teaches you all about the training that you need all over full body training, the nutrition that you need, the type of dieting you need, to be doing a type of cardio you need to be doing, to hit workouts with ab workouts included in all of it, I have a couple of programs.

But what I did was create a body type quiz that asks you a couple of questions about your body to see what your goals are. and what you’re struggling with. And then basically matches you up with first off it gives you a couple of tips that you can just take. And you’ll even have to get a program. But then, after that, it recommends which of my programs is best for your body type to help you achieve those goals faster. And not just get on some kind of cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all workout plan. That’s not going to work for you.

Body Type Quiz

So, if you guys want to check out my body type quiz and see what I would recommend for your body, you can click the link in the description below this video. Other than that, if you guys have any comments, questions, concerns, videos that you guys want me to make, leave them in the comment section below.

And then last but not least, make sure you guys are subscribing to my channel. That way you’re not missing out on future videos. Alright, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

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Exercises to Get a Sixpack and Ripped V Cut ABS FAST

Get a Sixpack and ripped V Cut ABS FAST with these 4 Core and Ab Exercises you can do AT HOME!

So in this video I’m gonna show you the top 4 app exercises to get ripped ABS fast. HA! Let’s go. What is up Carrot Kingdom? So, a lot of you guys asked me on Instagram after I posted these pictures here, hey Mario, how did you get your six-pack?

So you know what? I thought I’d make this video right now where I’m going to show you four sixpack ab exercises you can do at home, right now, to not only get those ABS but also those V cuts shaped lines. I’m gonna show you how to get them with my favorite 4 exercises.

Walking to Burn Fat

So, let’s get started with exercise number one. Alright guys, get ready for exercise number one. You can do, and one of my personal favorites, it is called, wait for it, keep waiting, walking. Yes, walking. And I know a lot of you guys are gonna be like, no Mario, I wanna have AB workouts. I want to have crunches and cork twists, starfish crunches.

Two things you gotta understand first of all. It doesn’t matter how many cork twist or starfish crunches you do if you have a layer of fat on top of your abs. They’re never going to show. And here are a couple of things about walking you probably did not know. So, first of all, by walking just for an hour, very moderate walk, you burn around 200 to 300 calories. You might burn less calories than by a run, obviously, but percentage-wise, that energy is gonna come mostly from your fat cells right on top of your abs. So you’re gonna burn them off by walking every single day. That’s what I’m doing here. So I’ve got this health app on the iPhone and I tried to walk at least 10,000 steps every single day. So try to make that a habit.

Knee Raises for Lower Abs

And let’s move on to the second exercise. Alright guys. So now that you know how you can burn off some of that baby fat by walking every single day, let’s move into the actual strengthening part of your abs. And one of my favorite exercises in the world that you can do anywhere on the planet is called knee raises. So the idea is pretty simple. You just find any object that kind of elevates your body. And then you raise your knees. So you can either hold on to a bar. You can hold on to a rail. \You can literally hold on to a tree. You can either keep your legs straight, which makes it way harder, or you go for the classic near raise. So what’s gonna happen with that, it’s gonna work mainly the lower region of your abdominals.

So many people try to do million crunches which focuses mainly on the upper part of your abs. But you want to get into these lower abs. You know you want to get those v-cut shape abs. Girls love them; guys love them; babies love them; everybody loves them. So let’s focus on this area of your abs. And especially if you do kind of like a twisting movement. So you don’t just go up but you actually bring your legs around in a circle that’s gonna also work your obliques so that one day you’re gonna look like Alexis Ren. I mean just the waist line obviously. You’re probably not gonna grow boobs. Maybe. Hopefully. That’d be cool.

Russian Twist for the Obliques

All right guys. Moving on to one of my absolute favorite ab exercises by the way, I found like a golf court or something beautiful here in Korea. So that’s a great setup for this next exercise which is called Russian twist. And if you’ve ever been with a Russian man you know that they have a lot of manliness inside them.

So all you got to do is put down the camera then you get two water bottles. And then you’re just gonna hold the water bottles in your hand as a little weight. And from there you’re gonna twist from one side to another. What that’s gonna do is, first of all, you’re gonna look freaking cool and outdoorsy and gangster. But secondly, it also works your obliques. So again it’s gonna get you that V line abs shape ab that the ladies love.

So with this exercise you don’t need to do many of those. Just make sure to do them slowly and with control. And when you can’t do anymore you don’t stop there. No. You just drop one water bottle first, then you keep going until you can’t do anymore. Then you drop the other water bottle and if you can’t do anymore without water bottles then then then you’re done bro.

Dry Humper Works Your Core

So you guys know we’ve worked on a low region of the abdominals we’ve worked on our obliques. And now it’s time to finish it off with one of the most classical but most amazing exercises which is called the dry hump, Er, Yeah. So let me know in the comments if you find a better name for this exercise.

In the meantime, let’s call it the dry humper. What the dry humper does, unlike just a regular plank, it is much more intense because you have that hip movement. And many people didn’t know when you do a plank you don’t only work on your abs, you also work your back it’s your whole core, that whole waistline that surrounds your waistline, and gives you a beautiful waistline.

So dry humping is a great exercise you can do especially at the end of your workout. There’s a lot more variations. You can also do hip dips; you can do crocodile crunches. It all is the same idea of having a plank exercise but adding some more functional movements that just give you a better workout for your abs.

Let me know in the comments what do you think of those exercises. Also let me know if you have any more questions for me because I always try to read every single one of your comments. I love connecting with you guys. We are a freaking community that supports each other to achieve our goals. Make fun a priority and stay healthy. So on that note guys one carrot a day keeps the doctor away. And I see you in my next video.

Hope you enjoyed learning how you can get a sixpack and ripped V Cut ABS FAST with these 4 core and ab Exercises!