Fat To Fit Transformation for a Teen

Fat to fit transformation can be an amazing journey. But there are many false starts. You may think a pill is the answer. Perhaps knowledge is the answer. But, no. The journey takes effort and time.

There are many overweight doctors and nurses. Having a lot of medical knowledge will not make a fat to fit transformation in your life. According to a recent survey 4 out of 10 doctors are overweight and 23% are obese. Don’t ever take weight management advice from an overweight doctor. They simply do not know how to make the fat to fit transformation.

Many people want a magic solution to their weight condition. For most people, this magic solution is a diet, weight loss pills, or a gym membership. The weight loss dietary supplement marketed is expected to grow 6% a year for the next decade. The fitness industry is expected to grow 2.6% a year globally.

Fat to Fit Transformation Turning Point

But, for people who do undergo a fat to fit transformation, there comes a defining moment, a turning point when they realize the true answer to becoming fit. It’s a lifestyle change.

That lifestyle changes involves eating a more healthy diet — not going on a temporary diet. This means eating more real foods, cutting out manufactured foods many of the nutrients and fiber removed.

That lifestyle change involves exercise. Our parents and grandparents lived before the current obese generation. They worked hard. In this obese information age, work often involves sitting at a desk for nearly 8 hours a day. Exercise is an optional extra we must choose.

Cardio and weight training exercises are important for our health and weight control. Cardio burns calories. And weight training builds muscle that raises our metabolism so we burn more calories every hour of the day.

The decision to change your lifestyle will be the turning point in your fat to fit transformation experience. Make your’s today.

It will be hard work. But, your fat to fit transformation will be worth it.

3 Month Fat to Fit Transformation! |Jason Robinson 16 Years old|

Hello! My name is Jason Robinson and this is my 3 month body transformation! I started off at 170 lbs and grinder my way to 134lbs! I really worked hard on this project and I hope you guys enjoy the video!

Songs used
Time- Hans Zimmer Instrumental Core Remix
Lullabies- Yuna(Adventure Club)

Keto Works for Fat Loss: Here is What 4 Months on the Keto Diet Looks Like!

Keto works for belly fat loss. Here is Tasha who weighed: 251 pounds. She started Keto September 2015: Current Weight in January 2016: 180 pounds. Pretty soon she can start showing her abs!

Hi there, My name is Tasha and I am the lady behind ketogasm. It’s my blog that I started to document what I’m eating, how I’m doing, and connect with other people on the keto diet.

So you’ll see recipes, and pictures of my food, and videos that I think are fun, as well as things that I think are helpful for other people following the keto diet.

At my heaviest I weighed 251 pounds and it’s like burned in my memory. That’s why it’s such a specific number because I was appalled by, like reading that number on the scale when I was in the doctor’s office. Like, oh no! That can’t be. That it was, it was true, it was a real thing.

So I lost about 20 pounds and stalled out there completely before starting the keto diet. And once I started, I just saw really crazy, rapid results. And it just worked for me.

I had done the diet before I had my daughter, after I had my daughter. Pregnant again. And then now I’m doing it after I had my son. So there’s been a couple of weird periods where I get really big, and get really skinny. And I’m in my get really skinny faze. But I wanted to share what four months looks like on the keto diet.

And I’ve lost 50 pounds, over 50 pounds, actually on the keto diet. So I’m really excited because 50 pounds and 4 months is just like totally unheard of for me. I’m wearing the same clothes today that I did in the first video that I filmed with myself just for the progress. And it’s really cool because these clothes don’t fit me anymore. They’re extra large stretchy yoga pants, and a large stretchy tank top. And they’re baggy on me. So without further ado I still have a ways to go. I’m not at my goal weight yet, but I’m getting there.

And I’m excited to share. It’s a little out of my comfort zone to share about myself, so please be gentle. I’m really shy. So this is a little weird for me to film videos of myself. But anyways, um, whatever, yeah. I’m excited. If you’re interested in learning more about me or following my blog it’s ketogasm DOT com. So I hope to see you around. Bye.