How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!)

How to get 6 pack abs

How to get 6 pack abs. While every 6 pack abs website tries to sell a secret workout, the real secret is not an abs workout routine. Here is the real truth.

You don’t have to pay lots of money to buy workout videos. You don’t even need a gym membership. There are two things you need to do:

  1. Reduce the belly fat which covers and hides your abs
  2. Build up your abs so they become prominent and well defined

Some say your diet produces 90% of your results. Lay off the sugar and junk food. Do both cardio and abs exercises.

It will be a miracle when you body fat drops and you can finally see your 6 pack abs.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!)

Hey guys. So from the title of this video, i hope you only get straight to the point. You want to see if it’s click-bate or not.

Having said that, I’m gonna reveal a secret to build an ABS. And you want to know, “What is the secret?”

I’m gonna tell you straight in the beginning. So I’m going to show you. I’m gonna write it down.

A secret. You see it? Yes, there can you see it?

I’ll make it darker. One second. You see it now? You can’t see it?

Let me just keep doing it. I’m gonna keep doing it and see if it works. Hold on.

Still nothing.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!)

The reason why you can’t see it, this is ab exercises. Ab exercises on someone whose body fat is too high. The secret to building your abs first, is getting your body fat down. So basic, but no one ever tells you.

What people tell you is you need to do this six-pack exercise, this expect exercise, but no one ever tells you that you need to bring your body fat down. So if you don’t bring your body fat down you’re never gonna see your abs. That’s why you can’t see it. Your body, as a man needs to be between 10 to 14% at least. So at least 14% before you see your abs. Because body fat isn’t within that that range or lower, you’re not going to see abs. And that is that’s just how it is, you know.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!) Drop the Fat

So I’m sure you’ve seen guys in your gym training their abs for years, three years, and they’ve never seen them. And they wondering why, you know, and it’s not the routine they’re doing because they probably have some awesome ABS underneath the fat that they’re caught they’re carrying.

So I’m gonna show you some facts about ABS. This is a badly drawn drawing of the rectus abdominis, that is, the six-pack. For the in layman’s terms. So we have the 6 here. This is the six that were used to seeing. Some people don’t even have six. Some people have four. Some people have five. And you’re thinking five, how can they have a five pack? It just means that, you know, one of the packs isn’t as prominent, you know.

Some people have eight. And some people can even have ten, which is why I’ve drawn these shaded, you know. Because some people do have ten, but genetically you’re only gonna have a certain amount that show. You can’t change that. So if you’ve got a six pack that shows, you can’t do any sort of workout that’s gonna, that’s going to build the last few and make them more prominent. So that you suddenly have a ten pack or you suddenly have an eight pack, you know.

So anyone that built up their abs, if you see them when they started, they had six, you know. And then they built up those six they made them more pronounced by working them out. So that’s something that you need to consider. So don’t ever look at an influencer or someone in the fitness industry look an eight pack, and let them tell you, or even get it into your head, that you can achieve that same look. You’re gonna have to work with what you’ve got.

Another thing is for some people, obliques are very prominent as well, you know. Me, personally, when I’m lean you can see to see my obliques clearly. Some guys you can’t, but you can see the six-pack clearly. That is because the subcutaneous fat that is on top of the obliques, it is it’s more on some people than others. That’s simply what it is.

On women, you hardly ever see obliques. And that’s because for a woman to be more lean, for a woman to show her abs, she needs to be between 16 to 20 percent body fat or less. And even then, there the fat deposits on their obliques is still high. So that’s why you rarely see the women, even which they have a 6-pack, you rarely see their obliques because the fat deposits there is high on women.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!) Cardio Exercises

These are some things that you should really consider when you’re aiming to get six-pack, you know. And I’m going to take you through a full routine. And I’m still gonna show you how to build your six-pack. But I wanted to first let you guys know that you need to do cardio and get your diet right. What type of cardio? Try this out.

So all those exercises you saw, exercises you will find in my fat burn extreme training program.

But essentially, it’s just cardio. it’s cardio in any way you can get it, you know. I always say that, you know, find something you enjoy, you know. So cardio for me, I do as much as I enjoy in high intensity I also enjoy the slow pace, you know. I sometimes put a YouTube video on I get on the treadmill and I walk for half an hour on an incline. That’s cardio. Me doing burpees, that’s cardio. Using the ropes, that’s cardiac. So find cardio in any way you can get it, and bring that body fat down.

Now you can still build your abs while doing that. The only reason that I just really wanted to press on the cardio is if you’re not doing the cardio, and you’re not cleaning up your diet, you’re not gonna see the ABS. You can’t, like, you can do all the other exercise in the world (I’m gonna show you some), but unless you get the cardio in there and bring your body fat down you’re not gonna see your abs.

So that’s why I really wanted to press that home

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!) Ab Exercises

Now, let’s go hit the abs.

OK, guys. I just took you though 5 ab exercises you can do. Hopefully they’re exercises you haven’t tried before. What I was trying to show you today was not specifically special exercises for abs that’s gets you a six-pack, because there isn’t one. There isn’t a special exercise or a special selection of exercises that’s going to magically get you a six-pack.

Hopefully from this video, what I said at the beginning, you’ll learn that in order for you to see a six-pack, if you have high body fat, you’re going to have to get the body fat down. So you’re gonna have to get Cardinal and get the diet back to bring your body back down to, like I said, at least 14%, or no more, to permit you to see you abs. But these ab exercises about I showed you today, some of them are more advanced. Some of them are, you know, doable by a regular gym-goer. They target mostly the obliques, those exercises.

I like to mix and match and really work on my obliqueswhen I’m working my abs. So those exercises, especially the Russian twists, and you saw the slow roll bar, So, yeah, you can cut those ab exercises out. But please make sure that you have body fat is something that you know you have in a higher percentage, bring it down so that you can finally see what you’re working with.

Guys, I’ve got my fat burning training program which has all of the pliability exercises and the cardio routines I do. My six-pack extreme training day, as all of the other exercises I do, including diet. Both of my cabinet in Penn State’s package you have diet in them. No, and they don’t just give you a diet plan you can follow temporarily. They give you something you can follow for your lifestyle, you know. Sourcing a nutrition guide so that you can choose the right foods and not just kind of, you know, where not diet for a short period of time. This is for lifestyle. I’ve been training all my, 19th year of training, their lifestyle no this is something I live my whole life, you know. So that’s why I advocate healthy, not simply diet.

Guys, subscribe to my channel. I was so much more education and training stuff as long as the long with the hardcore workouts.

How to Get 6 Pack Abs (THE REAL TRUTH!) More Information

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