Body Fat Percentage Pictures – 10% Body Fat Pictures

Body Fat Percentage Pictures

Body fat percentage pictures help motivate you to reach your goal. See what 10% body fat really looks like.

The American Council on Exercise provides some guidelines on the recommended body fat percentage for both men and women. Their classification of body fat percentages are:

Classifaction Women Men
Essential Fat 10-13% 2-5%
Athelets 14-20% 6-13%
Fitness 21-24% 14-17%
Average 25-31% 18-24%
Obese 32% and higher 25% and higher

These following body fat percentage pictures show primarily what an athletic person could look like. Enjoy and get motivated!

Body Fat Percentage Pictures

Today we’re going to be discussing body fat percentages pictures and look at realistic examples with different people including Conor McGregor, Steve Cook, Jeff Nippard, and many more, including, of course, yours truly. To make this as realistic as possible, I’ve only chosen people who have documented that body class percentages using its DEXA Scan which is supposed to be the most accurate method out there.

So what DEXA scan does it uses x-ray consisting of two different beams where as a higher energy which gets absorbed by bones and soft tissue and the lower intensity one gets only absorbed by soft tissue, which means muscle and fat.

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Body Fat Percentage Pictures 7% Body Fat

So, the first on the list is going to be Conor McGregor. Love this guy. He’s an Irish MMA fighter and he looked like this at the time of the DEXA scan. And as you can see, he doesn’t look lean. He does look very very athletic. So Conor actually came to 7% body fat, which is extremely lean. And I would have guessed, like 10 percent by that. But apparently I’m wrong.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 6.2% Body Fat

Now let’s talk about one of the most shredded people that I’ve ever seen. His name is Alberto Nunez and he took a DEXA Scan recently. This is a closest that you can possibly look to a Dragonball Z character. I threw that in there just to prove that Goku is in fact Mady. So before the DEXA Scan he did a little bit of a posing update to show people how he looks like. And this guy is insane. He looks like a human roadmap. He’s got veins absolutely everywhere. Even his ass looks like a washboard. So Conor McGregor with 7% body fat; this guy must be like zero point five percent. Right? Wrong. He actually came to six point two percent body fat.

Apparently he’s only got zero point 8 percent less body fat and Conor McGregor which is crazy when you look at the visual comparison. The difference is astonishing. But anyways. let’s look at more examples.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 5.7% Body Fat

Next up is Mischa Janiec, the vegan bodybuilder and considered by many to have one of the best physiques on YouTube. we have the 5.7 huh? Yeah, crazy. He got 5.7 percent body fat. And this footage is shown after the DEXA scan. He is obviously in fantastic shape, very, very lean. But when you compare Mischa to Alberto you would have guessed that Alberto is actually leaner. And also there are other things that we can’t really know, like lighting and pump. So let’s just accept these results for now.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 5.8% Body Fat

So next up is going to be Rob Lipset. fellow Youtuber from Ireland. This guy has a really great physique. So what was his results? “I came in at five point eight percent body fat.” I mean Rob has a fantastic physique, but he scored lower than Alberto Nunez and the same as Mischa. And Rob actually said that he thinks that he is actually higher than when he tested which I agree with. “I would give myself personally about 8%.”

He took a picture of himself shirtless that day, and posted to Instagram with of course half nighty lighting and probably a little sneaky increase in contrast. Yes, we’re all guilty of that. But this is really crazy because DEXA is supposed to be the most accurate, you know, test out there. And compare Rob with Nischa and Alberto. You can clearly see that they are not the same. But a percentage. And since both Robinson and Conor McGregor are from Ireland I’m starting to think that these machines are kind of racist and favor the Irish more than everyone else.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 11.5% Body Fat

Next up is Steve Cook, professional men’s physique competitor. And he got a DEXA can in his offseason. Steve Cook looks extremely shredded most of the time. So I’m surprised he took a DEXA scan when he was in the offseason. And his result came to at 11.5%. And fortunately, like many other physique competitors and bodybuilders, it’s very hard to find footage of them shirtless when they’re not stage ready.

Come on guys, it’s okay. It’s fine to show some love-handle action sometimes. Anyways I did my detective work and I managed to find a picture of him, or two pictures actually, from the same week of the DEXA scan. And these two are it. Obviously going to choose the best angles and lighting, but yeah, As you can see at 11.5% body fat heI still maintains visible abs and vascular arms.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 10.8% Body Fat

Okay guys, get ready. Jaime Alderton is our next case study. He actually did two with DEXA scans. One before in before his contest prep and one right before his contest, I believe. As you can see here on the left, he tested at fifteen percent body fat. Another, right, you can see the end result after all his hard work. He got an astonishing low level of ten point eight percent body fat. So you’re telling me that Jamie Alderton is 11 percent body fat. But look at the pictures that he took when he was contest ready. He looks absolutely insane, extremely dry, deep cuts. This does not make any sense.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 8.2% Body Fat

Another fellow Youtuber his, name is Jeff Nippard. As you can see he has a very full, complete looking physique. And as you can see here in the footage, taken the same day of the test, he is definitely carrying more fat than some of the other examples that I’ve shown. But nevertheless, he took the test and it came to a 8.4 which is a lot leaner than I expected it to be.. To me 8.2% seems a little bit low for him, especially when you’re comparing him to Jaime Alderton.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 8.1% Body Fat

Next up Kinobody is another Youtuber that did a DEXA scan recently. And he is in great shape. But as you can see in this footage, I would have guessed him to 12% body fat to be honest. So let’s see what I got. “it’s an amazing eight point one.” “Eight point one percent. Eight point one. WOW! That’s great.” So this is another example that does not make sense because he is clearly not leaner than Jamie Alderton with a score 3 percent lower.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 17% Body Fat

So it’s now the moment that you’ve been waiting for. My turn to do the DEXA scan. I’ve never a DEXA scan before. This is my first time. So as you can see I just did a little physique update right after I did a huge burger challenge. So I was a little bit loade,d but you can see more or less how I’m looking before getting scaned. I would have guessed that I’m about fourteen percent body fat. Okay, you guys. Ready? Drum roll. Total body, seventeen percent. Yeah. Okay. It’s not okay. Apparently I’m as bad as this G. So after crying a little bit in the bathroom for a few minutes, I came to the conclusion that my muscles are actually not muscles. They are a cluster of hardened fat that look like muscles, but they’re not.

I have a higher body fat percentage than Jamie Alderton before he started his prep. And, also, I am about 10% higher and by effect compared to Kinobody. As you can see right here. I guess I’ll be showing my new raw broccoli diet today.

Body Fat Percentage Pictures 3.9% Body Fat

To finish off, we have a very good example. we have Durianrider who is a part-time cyclist. And did a DEXA scan as well. “A lean 3.9 percent.” Okay. What is going on here? This doesn’t make any sense at all. If he was actually three point nine percent body fat, he will be on the verge of dying. So even if the DEXA scan is the most accurate way to measure body fat, it obviously has some flaws.

How Accurate Are DEXA Scans?

So I was doing some research. I found out that there are three main manufacturers for the DEXA equipment. Depending on where the machine comes from, it may give use different results. And even the same machine that you use may give different results depending on a lot of different factors. A study, for example, shows that one of the most common reasons for the DEXA scan errors is the fat free mass hydration levels. It shows that even a 5% variation in fat free mass hydration can cause a difference of the 3% in body fat results.

So apparently, these DEXA scan machines assume that the non bone and non fat lean tissue mass has a constant hydration level. So instead, I found that a group of people who dehydrated themselves got different levels from the day after when they were completely hydrated. A study done in the University of Hospital in Italy actually found that 90 percent of all the scans had at least one error. But what they do show is that a DEXA scan is actually very, very accurate. But maybe not as accurate as people think. They are to me personally, these numbers do not matter too much. What I feel works best for me is just working out hard, eating a clean diet. And just look at the results in the mirror. So if somebody you know thinks they know everything about body fat percentages, send them this video.

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