Facts About Spot Reducing for Targeted Fat Loss

Spot Reducing

Want to get rid of fat in stubborn areas? Spot reducing for targeted fat loss seems to be the answer. But, what are the facts about targeted fat loss and spot reducing? 

Welcome to Rick’s corner. I woke up this morning and I looked out the window and I said, here in California, another day in paradise. 73 degrees, sunny. You can’t beat it. This type of weather I could have all year long, yeah.

The subject today I want to talk about is spot reducing. I’ve done abs I don’t how many times, but spot reducing we’ve never really touched on. And I’ve had people approach me over the years in the gym. especially women and men alone. They said how can I spot reduce a part of my body? For example woman want to reduce this piece in their thighs, men have a lower belly fat hanging. Pecs have a little bit of fat on them.

Spot Reducing Does Not Work

And what I tell people is, you can’t spot reduce. It’s just not gonna work. You can work a muscle and shape it. And it can come to a certain shape. If you have fat over that muscle it’s not gonna go away by working it harder and harder. It’s the same thing with abs. And I’ve said this, I don’t know how many times.

When I was around 16 I started doing sit-ups in the living room with my mom holding my feet. Every day, 100 reps. Every day 100 reps. And my abs started to develop. And I was only probably hundred and forty five pounds. So they showed. They showed that I was working them. And as time moved on and I got heavier and heavier and bigger and bigger.

And the more I work my ABS, the bigger they got. They got thick. In a shirt someone says are you fat? No. I’m not. That it’s my abs. You can see they’re ripped. But they stick out. Now I’m not doing drugs. I’m not doing GH. I’m not doing insulin. I’m a kid. And it’s just the fact that the muscle grows.

So I had talked to several people that said, look I need to reduce my waist. I’m doing abs every day, and I’m working them hard, and hard, and hard. They’re just not showing up well. But we have to realize is that the ab muscle is a muscle. And it grows. And sometimes genetically it might grow bigger than other people. So, genetically, it might not. Sometimes, genetically, you might not even have abs.

Overworking a Muscle Makes it Bigger

So you can work them and try to get the muscularity into them, but if you overwork them they are going to get big. And they’re going to make you look fat. And so, in your mind, and you look in the mirror you think, spot reducing isn’t working yet, I’m not working them hard enough I got to go back and work em harder. And then it’s the same thing again. They are bigger, and you get depressed. You think, oh my god, nothing’s gonna bring them out.

So what I did for myself was I cut it down to hundred leg raises every other day. And that maintains them. But the other part of that was diet. Now it’s the same thing with spot reducing. If you want to get rid of this little thing down here for you a woman you have really got to watch your diet. That’s all it is.

Now, I’ve been seen people in gyms over 50 years. And I see men and women in there at least 10 or 20 in my same gym over here in North Hollywood Gold’s that have never changed. They’re doing their their lunges. They’re doing the treadmill. They’re doing their cardio. They’re doing the bike. They’re doing a circuit workout. And they’re fat. And their spot reducing effort  doesn’t make it go away. And they have not reduced that body fat at all.

Stick With a Diet That Works

Even recently a very good friend of mine. like a neighbor, she was a large in the hips and she knew it. And she never used to be, and she was working out crazy. She came back to the gym. They made it for mine. They still worked out crazy, hard, but she did. But she cut her diet down to like chicken and asparagus. And that was it.

Now that gets old. And it gets boring. But it has results. And the results are less body fat. So you want to do what works for you. Yes, you’re gonna get sick eating like that. But it’s gonna work. So once you get down to the point where you find this little stuff in here, gone, and the lower belly fat for the men, you’ll say to yourself, you know what this looks really good. I’m just gonna stick on the diet.

And then you can have a cheat day here and there. But you’re not gonna get rid of that extra fat, especially you guys who are older. You get this fat under the pecs, and even the arms. Skinny skin sags as you get older. Unfortunately, it sags, and it’s a little dimply. There’s not a lot you can do about it.

I used to see my mom and my sister. They had these fatty arms full of like cellulite, you know. What can I do to tighten this up? I said you can only tighten up the muscle underneath it. That’s not going to go away unless you change your diet from eating the french fries the shakes and the burgers.

Overall Fat Reduction is the Key

So I just wanted to touch on that a bit because so many of you asked me how do I spot reduce. There is no such thing. You have to reduce all over. And the unfortunate thing about it, once you diet down to where you look where you want to look, but you still have little bit here. You got to diet even harder because that’s the last thing to come off. Once you diet down to where it’s right there, and you take everything else, carbs out, it comes off.

Now keep in mind that if you do that, when you go back to eating again, it’s going to come back a little bit. It just does. It’s unfortunate. It just does. Especially if you get older. So keep it in check. Have your cheat day once in a while. And go back on your diet. And when you see the results in the mirror, you know saying you know, I look pretty darn good. And yeah, I got it from watching what I eat. Your workouts are intense. You’re doing all you can do. There your homework is at home. You don’t need a gym.  An hour there and you got another 23 hours at home to figure out what to do with your eating.

So that’s my tip on that. I think it works for almost everybody I’ve ever talked to. But you got to stay with it. You can get liposuction. I’ve seen people do that. The trouble with that, it does remove the fat cells, but then you get fat somewhere else because the fat’s got to go somewhere.

Actually, fat cells don’t go away. They just shrink down. They get smaller and smaller. When you diet and then when you eat, they fill out again. So keep that in mind. Anyway, that’s what I wanted to talk about.

This should tell you all you need to know about targeted fat loss with spot reducing.  There is no such thing. You have to reduce all over.

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