Six Pack Abs Workout at Home with No Gym Equipment!


Today I have something very special for those of you that don’t have access to a gym. This is a six pack ab workout at home with no gym equipment. This six pack exercise┬ároutine can be done right in your own house without the use of any gym equipment.

And even though I’m a big fan of using weights while working the ABS, there are ways of increasing the intensity of a regular body weight ab workout without using equipment like weights. So today in this video I’m gonna share the most powerful six pack AB workout that you could do without weights. It’s gonna involve exercises that are really intense and they’re designed to fatigue your abs without the use of machines, benches, barbells or dumbbells.

Just one thing that I need you to keep in mind before we get started. For this workout and for these exercises to be effective you have to make sure that you follow the tips on how to perform them correctly since we’re not using weights. We can instead increase time under tension by going really slow on the negative portion of the contraction. For some of these exercises we can also hold a position and squeeze the ABS for a certain number of seconds before continuing the movement. So instead of just wrapping out these exercises as fast as you can, pay close attention to the way I want you to perform them.

Navy SEAL Situps

So this workout is going to start with a tough one. I call these Navy SEAL situps. Now if you can’t do this one don’t worry. I’ll give you a regression in a second. But with the Navy SEAL sit-ups you start with both your hands at the side of your head and both of your feet slightly above the ground. Raise your upper body and your lower body up off the ground as if you’re performing a V sit up. Except here you’re going to be bringing one elbow to the opposite knee and then return back to the starting position. And bring the other elbow to the opposite knee once again. It’s important that in this exercise you bring your upper body and your lower body off the ground at the same time. You’re going to try to perform this exercise for sixty Seconds straight.

The regression for this exercise is a regular bicycle sit-up where rather than bringing your entire upper body to your lower body, and more of a sit-up, you would instead twist and lift your shoulder blade off the ground rather than your whole upper body. So with Navy SEAL sit-ups you’re bringing your upper body completely off the ground, whereas with this one you’re simply bringing your shoulder blades off the ground.

Now let’s say that you can only get 30 seconds of the more advanced Navy SEAL sit-ups before the exercise becomes too difficult. That’s totally fine. Simply move on to the regression halfway through. So as soon as you start failing, just switch to the bicycle situps.

Leg Raises With a Pulse Up

After doing those for 60 seconds you want to move on to the second exercise with no breaks which is a leg raise with a pulse up. For this one start with both your hands under your butt. With your back flat on the ground and your feet slightly raised off the floor. Raise your legs all the way up until they’re pointed straight towards the ceiling. Next, lift your hips up off the floor without rocking your legs. Once at the top of the movement, slowly lower your hips back down towards the ground. Aim for a solid three count when slowly coming back down. Repeat this exercise for 45 seconds.

If the pulses get too difficult at any point just switch to regular leg raises until the 45 seconds are up.

Curnches With Hands Sliding Over Knees

Right after you’re done with those, switch into the next one with no break. This next one is going to be a crunch with an isometric hold. Here you’re going to start with your hands on your thighs and your back flat on the ground. Slide your hands up over your knees to crunch up. But rather than going straight back down, hold that position for a three-second count. Then lower your back and your hands back down. Repeat this exercise once again for 45 seconds before moving on.

Cobra Stretch

Once you’re done with this one you’re gonna immediately flip over onto your stomach and perform a Cobra stretch. The Cobra stretch is more of a stretch to elongate your abs. But you can bet that after all those reps that you already did, if you do Cobras correctly, you’ll definitely feel the burn. Start flat on your stomach with both your hands directly under your chest. Straighten your arms and extend your elbows at the same time. Look up towards the ceiling while keeping your hips glued down to the ground. Hold this position for 15 seconds and then come back down and relax for five seconds. Then come back up into a Cobra again and repeat this three times. This stretch counts as your break. So try to enjoy it.

V Situps

As soon as you’re done with all three 15-second stretch intervals flip right back over onto your back for V situps. Here you’re going to start flat on your back with both your hands above your head and your feet slightly above the ground. Bring your upper body and your lower body together, trying to reach for your toes with your hands. Then lower back to your starting position with your hands above your head and above the ground, and your feet slightly above the floor. Repeat this exercise for 60 seconds straight then drop your feet to the ground with your knees bent.

Long Arm Crunches

Stack one hand over the other and point your hands straight up towards the ceiling. Crunch up and reach straight up towards the ceiling. You’re gonna repeat this one for 60 seconds before moving on to the next.


The last one in this sequence is going to be jackknives on the ground. Start with your hands directly behind your back and with your feet and your upper back above the ground. Bring your knees into your chest and at the same time bring your upper body towards your knees. Again you’re gonna do this exercise for 60 seconds.

Cobra Stretch

Then flip over onto your stomach for another three rounds of the Cobra stretch.

Side Oblique V Situps

Now for the next three exercises we’re going after the obliques. For the first one start on your side leaning slightly more towards your butt. Bring your elbow and your upper body off the ground as you raise your legs to meet your elbow. Perform 45 seconds on one side before switching over to the other side for another 45 seconds.

Side Oblique Crunch

Next you’re gonna lay flat on your back. Stack your knees and turn them to the side. Your hands are gonna go to the sides of your head and you’re gonna crunch straight up. Then lower yourself back down slowly. You want to crunch up and hold it for three seconds. This will also be done for 45 seconds per side.

Alternating Heel Reaches

For the last one you’re gonna bend your knees into your chest and raise your upper back slightly off the ground as you reach side to side for your heels for this one. To be effective you really have to try to raise your shoulder blades up off the ground every time that you reach for your feet. Try to do this exercise for sixty Seconds straight.

If you’re a beginner, completing all these exercises just one time through is probably more than enough of a workout. But if you’re intermediate, I recommend taking a one-minute break and then repeating the whole thing from the very first one, starting with the Navy SEAL situps. If you’re really advanced, you can repeat this entire workout circuit for three rounds. Each time you’ll notice that it’s harder and harder to complete the same exercises.

Remember that failure is fine and as long as you try to improve the amount you can do each week, You’ll progressively develop better ABS right in your own house.

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