Why Weighted Abs Training is a MUST (4 Best Weighted Abs Exercises)

Weighted Abs Training

Why Weighted Abs Training is a MUST! If you want a well-defined, impressive looking abs, but aren’t incorporating weighted AB movement, then you need to watch this video.

As your muscles become stronger, progressively greater resistance is needed to further strengthen them This is true for all muscles, include your abs.

Weighted abs training is simply a way to add resistance to your ab exercises. After you have conquered any issues you have with body fat, especially subcutaneous fat, you need to concentrate on firming up your abs. Weighted abs training will make your abs workouts much more effective and make your abs pop out.

The majority of people approach ab training differently than they would muscles like the chest and the back. They often throw in a little bit of body weight ab training after every workout and stick to exercises like flutter kicks for high reps. And don’t get me wrong, these exercises have their place in ab training as I’ll mention later on in this video. But they don’t provide the necessary overload needed to grow your 6-pack and make your abs pop out more.

Weighted Abs Training is a MUST

If people still judge the effectiveness of an ab exercise based on the burn sensation that they get when they do the exercise, this burning sensation is pretty much meaningless. For example, stand with your back against the wall and then your legs and 90 degrees and try to hold this position for as long as possible. You’re going to get an intense burning sensation but you probably don’t think that this exercise is an effective exercise for building your quads. A much better exercise will be weighted barbell squats or any other weighted exercise. And it’s the exact same when it comes to AB training.

Why should you train your abs differently than any other muscle?

You want to progressively overload your ab training. And the best and easiest way to do this is with weights. And once I started to incorporate weight into my out training routine I definitely saw a difference. And I saw that my abs we’re actually able to pop out more than they used to. So in this video I’m going to be showing you guys the four best weighted ab exercises and how you can incorporate them into an ab workout routine that you can use.

But keep in mind like getting down to a low enough body fat percentage to be able to see your abs in the first place is a must.Iif you do all the AB training you want but it’s not going to help you if you have a layer of fat that’s covering your abs.

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Weighted Abs Training Routines

Anyways, let’s get started with the exercise.

Weighted Abs Training: Hanging Leg Raises

First exercise is hanging leg raises with a dumbbell between your feet, which is a great exercise for targeting your transverses abdominus while putting more emphasis on the lower portion of your abs. Simply hang on a pull-up bar or any elevated bar. Grab a dumbbell between your feet or have someone place it there for you. And try to bring your legs up to about 90 degrees while keeping them straight and without swinging your body.

This is quite a difficult movement if you’ve never done it before. Tut luckily there are progressions to help you master this exercise over time. To start you can do captain’s chair leg raises with bent legs. And then once you can do that for around fifteen reps straight, you can move on to doing it with straight legs. And once you can do that for fifteen reps you can move on to adding weight using a dumbbell between your feet.

Now once you feel comfortable you can try hanging leg raises and gradually add weight to this exercise. You want to gradually increase the weight you use or the reps you perform over time in order to continuously strengthen your abs.

Weighted Abs Training: Pull Downs

Second exercise is ab pull downs which is a great exercise that once again targets your whole transversus abdominus but emphasizes more of your upper abs. So you want to kneel one to two feet in front of the cable system. And after selecting an appropriate weight, hold the handle with both hands and keep your forearms around your neck. Then by using your abs you want to try and bring your elbows down towards your knees until your head just about touches the floor.

And repeat this movement at the top position. You want your back to be straight or slightly arch to fully stretch the ABS. Before you can track them you can also do these with twists to the side as you come down like so, which will hit your oblique muscles as well.

Weighted Abs Training: Woodchoppers

The third exercise is something called cable woodchoppers which are a great way to exercise your obliques. And it helps with that feline. You want to focus on pulling the handle across and down your body by using your obliques. Keep your hips facing straight and don’t let them rotate to ensure that you’re using your obliques to move the weight.

Weighted Abs Training: Oblique Twist

The final exercise is weighted oblique twist which, as a name says, will target your obliques. You can hold a dumbbell weight ball or pretty much any object that adds weight to the movement. Simply lay on the ground, raise your leg slightly in the air while keeping your back up, and repeatedly move the way to each side of your body by using your obliques. But this is too difficult for you, then you can keep your feet planted on the ground and do this instead.

For the best results what you want to do is combine these weighted exercises with body weight ab exercises which can be used to train your abs to failure. For weighted exercises you want to stick between 6 to 15 reps. And for bodyweight movements, you can do as many reps as possible and just go to failure. I prefer doing my ab exercises in a circuit routine to save time.

Weighted Abs Training Workout

Here’s an example of a workout you can use: Exercise 1 weighted hanging leg raises for 6 to 15 reps; exercise 2 ab pull downs for 6 to 15 reps; exercise 3 cable woodchoppers for 6 to 15 reps; and exercise flutter kicks until failure. So basically you just go through all four exercises consecutively and then you take a minute or two to rest and repeat. The circuit again 4 more times for the best results. You want to train your abs with a workout like this two to three times per week which can easily be fit in at the end of other workouts. And that’s basically it.

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