Funny Six Pack Video – Do Women Want Men With Six Pack Abs? CONNOR MURPHY Finds Out The Truth!


What is up Six Pack Shortcuts? My name is Connor Murphy and I might not look like I have a six-pack right now, but we’re going to talk to some girls and if they like six-packs. We’re going to show them the real me. let’s see how good.

So we’re talking about New Year’s resolutions today. We’re talking about New Year’s resolutions, so do you guys have New Year’s resolutions? IT’s okay if you don’t. Do you guys have any New Year’s resolutions?

To try and big money. I don’t have one. Join us moving right here. I, this this is going to be a good, right – to be more positive. Both. Is not happiness bad well guess what? During this interview we’re going to be very positive and we’re going to have a lot of fun. Okay. I promise you that. All current events. The findings resolution is to run the half marathon. Have you heard about Connor Murphy? Okay so you’re not too hot with Krita men.

Together, what do you think would be a good New Year’s resolution for me? My friends have been telling me that I need to get abs for the new year. What do girls think about a six pack? Six packs are good right, right? It’ll, it should help me out with the ladies, correct? Yeah. Yeah. Maybe they definitely like out right. Yeah, abs on a guy look look great, right? Okay. All right. It shows. It shows that you work hard right? Anybody doesn’t that usually like, the man or the bad bod, exactly. Thank you.

People feel from the dad but I’ve actually gained quite a bit of fat in the past year, so I’ve actually gained quite a bit of weight over the past year, but, uh, though I’m kind of self-conscious about my body. So this year I’m really trying to work on my ads. Okay, cruise my confidence right? I’ll be able to talk to girls better, right? I’m really awkward right now.

So how about helping to keep the motivation going. If I can get a six-pack by the end of the year, how about if I complete that New Year’s resolution by the end of the year? And if I can get abs by the end of the year then can I get your number? I get your number. That pair I’ll come to wherever you are. I’ll come find you and you guys can give me your number. That’s fair, okay? I got that awesome. All right, perfect sweet.

But, I need help though, okay? Like how do i how do I go about getting abs? You guys got to give me tips though. Like what do I do? I want these ABS so bad. What do I do? What can I do to get a six-pack. Start with the marathon. Get all the plankS, pull the plank. OK. I’ll tell Carlos all right? Perfect. Just like a how many do? I do how many until i get a six-pack? Wait. How long do we have to do this for? How long does it take until I get a six-pack?

I knew you really need to beginning going over. I don’t know if I can do this for that long? You might be here. My finger. Oh yeah. This will give me a six-pack. Let’s try. See, don’t, don’t, all right. I can’t get them. Where you want in you it.

So do I have a six-pack now? Do you think that that run gave me a six-pack? I just did that. That was a long time so like, does that mean I have abs now? Now it doesn’t have do you think that helps? Like, do i that no. Let’s just see how I’m doing. Maybe I gained a little bit of that. Right, are you straight on cuz I swear I felt like I felt like it was doing something hopefully.

I got us now yeah that’s pretty quick. I think I’ve gained at least like your plane thing that actually worked one of the differences that one wasn’t it? Actually I did get a six pack that’s a bit. A year yet I mean. I don’t think it’s been a year agree to that yeah yeah damn that looks smooth that’s how the quick a six pack transformation you ever see guys what healthy is everybody you know not everyone only beautiful girls you know if you pick yes alright guys thank you so much for watching so if you don’t know about me I have a Fitness YouTube channel where I do stuff like this you know interact with girls make Fitness fun so I’ll be appearing on the Six Pack Shortcuts channel you know not only showing you how to get a six pack but also showing you how to be more confident so remember to Like comment and subscribe and I will see you guys next time [Music]

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