How I Got a 6 Pack in 6 Weeks – BRUTAL Abs Workout…


Eight months ago I was in the best shape of my life. However, since then I’ve gotten punchy. So I’m putting myself on a new regiment.

I want to get rid of my chubby gut and see if I can get shredded six-pack abs in six weeks.

Because I’m working without a trainer I don’t want to push myself too fast and risk getting injured. So for my first two weeks I’m sticking entirely to bodyweight exercises so I can have a strong enough body to the handle weight training. I work ABS three days a week and do three days of additional weight training in between. And 30 minutes of cardio every day, no exception.

If there is one thing I learned doing over any challenge it is that diet, diet, diet is the absolute most important part of any muscle building regimen. So for this challenge because I want to be burning fat at the same time I’m building muscle my diet will consist of 5 boiled egg whites with oatmeal and apples for breakfast, or on lighter days plain Greek yogurt with banana. Follow that with two chicken breasts and broccoli as well as assorted vegetables. A small bowl of lentil soup as a snack. And for supper two ground turkey burgers with spinach and broccoli.

For week two I had a second 20-minute ab workout on top of my previous exercises. This routine I pulled from youtuber Scott Herman. So you can check out his channel if you want try the routine yourself.

Literally, for the past four days I have been racing to Chipotle after work and just downing a burrito. And that’s cuz my diet right now it just doesn’t have enough calories in it and I am losing weight so much faster than I want to.

I’m not building any muscle, so I’ve got to find a better way than this to add consistent calories to my diet.

By week three I purchased a gym membership so i can start training with weights and additional equipment. For extra calories i had 3/4 cups of brown rice to my lunch and boiled sweet potatoes in my supper. And with this small diet tweek I started seeing fast results.

So I’m at week five now and as you can see my abs are just starting to come in. But I still kind of have this like inch inch and a half of just like water weight and some fat that I really need to burn off. So what I’m trying now is this body building technique called the ad vacuum that involves sucking your belly button back to your spine and blowing out all of your air and just holding it.

So for the final two weeks I’m going to be incorporating the AB vacuum in on top of my ab training on top of my cardio training, on top of my dieting. And I really think I’m going to finish this challenge strong.

In six weeks I lost seven pounds and almost a full inch off my waistline. And honestly I didn’t think this challenge would be any harder than the Wolverine diet. And it absolutely was.

Your abs are just so strong that you have to push them to the point of complete exhaustion every workout if you want to see real progress. So this has been a grueling six weeks for me, but I am so glad I’ve gotten through it.

I am really happy with my progress and this time I’m gonna work so much harder not to lose the games I’ve made and I keep building on as I move forward.

Thank you so much for watching. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you want to see more videos like this or videos on a host of other challenges please subscribe below and we will have more videos coming soon. Cheers.


Getting a six pack has definitely been one of the most challenging tasks I’ve done. You’re abs are exhausted 24/7, on top of all the cardio you’re forced to do. Really please with the results though!

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More videos coming soon fam, stay tuned 🙂

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