How to Get Abs


How to Get Abs

Many people are looking for the secret to getting 6 pack abs. They’ll spend money buying fat loss pills, protein powders, or exercise equipment. They’ll do countless crunches and planks. But, still they can’t show off their abs.

You’ve got to know that there really is no secret or shortcut to getting six pack abs. For most people learning how to get abs revolves around two important concepts:

  • Lose belly fat that hides your abs
  • Increase the definition of your abs through exercise

How to Get Abs: Lose Belly Fat That Hides Your Abs

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For most people, weight, especially belly fat, is the major problem that needs to be addressed first.

For your abs to show you need to reduce your overall body fat. While many people have tried “spot reducing” their belly fat with lots of crunches, spot reducing does not seem to work. You must reduce the overall body fat. Your first goal has to be to lose belly fat so you can reveal your six pack abs.

How to Reduce Body Fat

To reduce your body fat you primarily need to manage your diet to become a fat burner.

No, this does not mean to “go on a diet.” You’ve probably already tried a number of diets.

Diets, where you restrict calories for a time, do let you lose some weight. But, this weight loss is often both fat and muscle. Also, when your calorie intake is lower than normal, your body compensates by reducing your metabolism.

Then, when you resume your normal calorie intake, your metabolism is lower than normal. And your body stores excess calories as fat. And because you lost some muscle mass, your new normal metabolism is lower than it was at the start of your diet.

Are You Storing Fat or Burning Fat?

Managing your long term diet for fat loss primarily means eating to make your body burn stored fat. You do this by controlling your insulin levels, preventing insulin spikes.

carbohydrates photoThis mean you must stop consuming high glycemic index carbohydrates that rapidly add sugar to your blood stream. High levels of blood sugar tell the pancreas to add more insulin to the blood.

Insulin spikes stop you from burning fat to fuel your body. High insulin levels also cause leptin resistance which blocks the “I’m full” signal that stops you from eating more.

You must keep insulin levels low so your body can burn fat. Otherwise, your body burns primarily sugar, even when you exercise.

As you burn fat, your body fat percentage will decrease. You can then estimate how long with will take to see your abs.

How Long With it Take to Get Abs?

There is a simple formula you can use to determine how long it will take for your abs to show.

Intermittent Fasting Not Dieting

Intermittent fasting includes both fasting for a day or more, and restricted eating periods during the day.

Fasting for a period of time will not lower your metabolism. It will help deplete your stored sugar so your body starts burning fat. There are some recommended ratios for fasting to eating that are particularly good for encouraging fat burning.

How to Get Abs: Increase the Definition of Your Abs

Your abs can be divided in to three areas: upper abs, lower abs, and obliques. Many good exercises involve compound movements that work more than one area of your abs. There are specific exercises you can do for each area.

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For example, check out these upper abs exercises, lower abs workouts, and obliques strengthening exercises.

While many people use expensive equipment to exercise their abs, you don’t have to. You can even do isometric core strengthening exercises to strengthen your 6 pack.

Rest and Recovery

All these workouts do not build muscle. You may feel the blood coursing through your muscles. This the the “pump” you feel after exercise.

But, exercise actually damages the muscles. Your muscles experience “micro tears” during strenuous workouts. The muscle tears are repaired later, especially during sound sleep. During this time your muscles are both repaired and strengthened.

In fact, the purpose of exercise is to cause these micro tears so during the rest and recovery time you can increase your muscle mass.

What About Supplements?

Nutrition and sleep are essential for developing muscle mass.

The two most popular supplements for building muscle are whey protein and creatine.

While your diet should provide all the protein you need to build muscle mass, many still believe protein supplements are necessary.

Creatine is another popular supplement to help provide extra energy to do another rep or two to help break down muscle tissue.

How to Get Abs

Overall, you will need to reduce your body fat percentage through diet and exercise. You may also need ab workouts to increase the muscle mass of your abs.

Stick with these keys and you will get abs.